Friday, February 15, 2008

Caption contest

He's doing fine, really. Add your captions to the comments...


Anonymous said...

"Oh, man, and I thought the Gentle Leader by itself was embarrasing."

Jackson's mom

Mango said...

Biggie -
Nice to meet you. I have to wear a gentle leader too. I don't really like it and frequently ram Mom when we're walking.

BTW - I had some good dog points deducted today when I barked at Rocky the attack miniature poodle. Oh well.

Your pal,

Anonymous said...

My reception is okay, you need to pull on the rope to adjust to get the Playgirl channel


President Bush needs to rethink his torture criteria (bad taste, yes?)

Chris & Mackenzie said...


WAGZ - Mackenzie

"When the ear amplifier 3000 arrived, Biggie wasted no time giving it a whirl. While he could now hear a flea break wind, he wasn’t sure super hearing was worth his dignity."


Mango said...

Nice to hear from another full sized dude who has to have extra good manners. There are so many little cracker dogs out there and I get a sush if I even look the wrong way at one of them.

I wish I didn't have to wear that stupid gentle leader. I don't like it and when we go walkies I ram Mom's behind with my big head to express my displeasure.

Katafer said...

"Well.. that's the last time I look up the chimney on Christmas Eve to hear who is making all that ruckus!!" :-)

Love your blog!


Huck said...

Hey Biggie. I make that face when my mom comes at me with that foul smelling doggie cologne. Doesn't she know it took a lot of rolling in dirt to get me to smell just right?!

Mom's caption submission: "Seriously lady, how am I supposed to pick up chicks in this get up!?"

G Man said...

No! I am NOT ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!

Hang in there Biggie!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i thought christmas was over?...poor biggie...

Anonymous said...

"This is NOT what I meant when I said I wanted a new collar for Christmas."

~ Victor and PeterPan

Mango said...

Biggie, man, I got to thinking about this photo and then I reread your blog and I'm kinda wondering... did you go to the doggie doctor and accidentally leave your gajingles behind?

Woops. I got to keep my gajingles because when the "time was right" I had an immune system problem that meant I couldn't have laughie gas and then I got all grown up and Momma and Master figured, why bother?

Mango said...

Oh man, I knew it! You let them give you laughie gas and then you left your galingles at the vet.

Momma says you'll never miss them (what does she know). Hope you're out of that stupid cone by now. It gives you a creepy Bette Davis kind of look.

Are you going to get big snow today too?


Mango said...

Biggie - The more I hear from you the more I like you

Having white hair is a BURDEN because the humans want it to always be white instead of reflecting what you last rolled in.

Don't go lookin' for those gajingles, man, they aren't coming back.


Balboa & Mommy said...

oooooh, I love this, its nice to be the one writing the caption for a change.......

"laugh at me and I'll pee on you"

Frenchie Snorts