Friday, February 1, 2008

Guest blogger: Spirit speaks (sort of)

(Ed.: After his last post, Biggie is on a time out from his blog. Someone needs to learn to share.)

Hi every1! Im Spirit, Biggie's 1-n-only sister!

I wanted 2 thank every1 4 giving me the opp 2 tell u about a very strange little dog I met the other day! He can climb trees!

I was out in the yard with my Pop (my real dog daddy) and I was chasing some leaves when suddenly I looked up &  saw this strange little dog up in da tree!!!! Pop said it was a "squerl" but I have never heard of that breed b4. I think they r in the Toy Group bcoz all I wanted 2 do was 2 play with him!!! Anyway that squerl dog was just sitting up there looking at us! I barked at him 2 to come down 2 play but he wouldn't! He just sat there... have u ever heard of such a thing?? Pop got bored & went 2 patrol another part of the yard.

I even tried my best SIT & nothing happened! The squerl just looked at me! Ive never known any dog 2 ignore me! Im the princess!!  Pop looked 4 a while 2 but he said squerls dont rilly like to play with kuvasz. They think we want 2 eat em. All I rilly want 2 do is chase him.  That's all, I promise!

Ttyl, c u l8r! xoxo Spirit :)


Peanut said...

Spirit you are pretty. But squirrels are evil.

Anonymous said...

Spirit, maybe if you brought the squerl a "corn cob" bone and "drop-it" at the base of the tree and THEN do a good sit it would come to play with you.

Jackson's mom

Pacco de Mongrel said...

harlow spirit....wat a nice name u got there...

is squerl a new breed of dog in town?

Tim said...

Good Job! :)