Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Kuvasz Specialty, as told by Spirit

Back in April when we were all too stunned by Josh's death to do much more than plod through life numbly, Biggie and Spirit shared some good news:

KuvaszGrrl: hi biggie

BiggieZ: hey u got a new screen name?

KuvaszGrrl: ya i think it's cooler now that I'm TWO and I'm a Big Girl. hey so guess what

BiggieZ: what?

KuvaszGrrl:I got my second major! And I didn't even need to borrow your P-Daddy after all!
we just got back last night we were gone for 8 days of NO yards just quickie walks on leashes in ucky windy weather

BiggieZ:yards? Is that like a personal dog park? windy weather is sort of fun i pretend im a explorer and stick my nose in the wind

KuvaszGrrl:not the point of my story. listen up!

dani and i drove all the way to kansas for a big show we had to hang out in our crates or the hotel room or the car all the time and there were lots and lots of kuvasz doggies there cuz it was a special show for kuvaszies

BiggieZ:wow cool! was tex there?

KuvaszGrrl:i dont think so because i think he got tutored like you so he doesn't go to those shows and stuff

BiggieZ:oh bummer. if you see tex tell him i said hi. I kind of miss it when he used to sit on me.

KuvaszGrrl:anyway mom had a lot of work to do

BiggieZ:why was Mama Clare doing all that guarding if there were all those kuvasz there why didnt u and dani do your job n guard her?

KuvaszGrrl:silly biggie! there's other work besides guarding!

BiggieZ:is there biskits in this story?

KuvaszGrrl:well anyway, Mama C had to do a lot of work in the hospitality room so she was gone too much and was too tired when she came back to play with us.

BiggieZ:That sounds like my P-Daddy too - he is always at the hospitality and then he is gone a lot and he falls asleep in funny places and doesn't play with me too much...

KuvaszGrrl:One night I got to go into the hospitality room so everyone could admire me --

BiggieZ:--u r a service dogz? Congrat!

KuvaszGrrl:No, no, I was at a show with BILLIONS of other Kuvasz.

BiggieZ:--u were at the aminal hospitality? r u ok??

KuvaszGrrl:ugh. boyz r SO DUMB sometimes! So do u wanna hear about my second major or not?

BiggieZ:ok ok sorry u grrlz are always so sensitive. yeesh go on

KuvaszGrrl:Anyway I had a different handler, Linda, and I had to break her in a little the first day she expected me 2 just race off with her so I did my fast run + then she wanted me to NOT pace, which I won't do if no one hurries me but if someone hurries me then sometimes I pace and since Linda was new and she didn't know how I like to show and so maybe I paced a little that first day.

BiggieZ:I know what u mean when u r doing walkies with someone who doesn't know what u want. Cuz when I'm going with my Momma she is always either saying Biggie hurry up or Biggie waaaaaaaiiiiit or Biggie LEAVE IT!

KuvaszGrrl:ummm sort of like that. I am more elegant at a slow speed --

BiggieZ:--I think u r pretty elegant at any speed and I'm not just saying that because I'm your brudder!

KuvaszGrrl:Thanks biggie but in the ring there are a lot of things we need to do to Be Have. And since I didn't handle Linda so well the 1st day I didn't win much of anything on the actual specialty day, but then I handled her much better the next day and so then the judge, called me a Winners Bitch, which was a 5-point major for me!


KuvaszGrrl:No Biggie, you don't need to, that is a good thing! It means I was a Good Grrl at handling my handler and I am very pretty.

BiggieZ:so can you explain this champeen thing again?

KuvaszGrrl:ok so you know u need to get 15 points to be a champion but u hafta get at least 2 majors and if u win at a minor u only get one point at a time and a major is 5 points so i kept going to these shows where there weren't enough kuvasz to be a major so i got a 5 point major a while back and then I won a lot of little shows where i was the prettiest grrl but each time there werent enough kuvasz there so i only got 1 point at a time for each win and so then i had 14 points for the longest time but if i went to another show and only got a 1 point win and got 15 points but it's not a major then i still wouldnt be a champeen because i needed another major and that was why i was asking to borrow ur daddy and then it turned out i didn't need him after all because i got my second major!

BiggieZ:um... so u need 15 and 1 plus 1 and 5 makes um.... and you need 2 points for 5 majors?

KuvaszGrrl:sort of. well, not really. actually, not at all. but you get the idea. My Mom was SO proud and everyone was hugging her and saying something like "come grab your relations." Don't know why Mom since she wasn't even in the ring with me.

BiggieZ:Who knows why our Mommas do what they do. Sometimes I think they r a little stoopid... hehe. (looks around nervously for Momma)

KuvaszGrrl:Well you haven't even heard the bestest part! After my major, I got to go in the ring with ALL the other champions! And I was just standing there being a pretty girl and all of a sudden the judge picked a boy for Best of Breed and ME for Best of Opposite Sex .. over ALL of those Big Girl Champions!!!

BiggieZ: Wow! wtg Spirit! You are da BOS!!!! is that how u spel bos?

KuvaszGrrl:i think so anyway now we have to be extra nice to Dani cuz he didn't win a thing at the Specialty. I think he is so much more handsome than many of the other boys there, but most judges don't think his nice, broad head is *in style* at this time.

BiggieZ:that's too bad. is he all bummed out?

KuvaszGrrl:not really cuz he he LOVES to show and he doesn't know any better. Every single judge told his handler "he sure is one happy fellow"

BiggieZ:maybe hes happy cuz he got special attention from Mom and cuz it's like a sleepover without your Yani Pop and Mama Snow?

KuvaszGrrl:Maybe... anyhowzits, here's a picture of me, lookit me I am da BOS!

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2. More Sad News: The Brotherhood lost another kuvasz lover and K-is-for-Kuvasz-Daddy. One of my brudders and littermates lost his human dad very suddenly last week and I am sending lots of good vibes, tail wags and cuddles to my brudder. It's ok to be sad and to cry when you lose one of your humans, but remember you need to take care of your momma and love her lots and lots cuz we think her heart is breaking right now. snuffles and sniffles.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Royal Kuvasz

The present day Kuvasz developed in Hungary where the breed served as a guard to royalty in the 1400s, prior to becoming popular as a livestock guardian [and highly skilled food beggar, drooling over tiny morsels of bread]...

...Today's AKC breed standard describes the characteristics required of a dog whose function is to protect its flock and drive off predators: large, moderately boned, sturdily built, well muscled, not bulky or lethargic...