Friday, January 29, 2010

Dog Pile Update

Sorry I haven't been around lately - I had to go take care of my Momma cuz she went and got sickies AGAIN! Anyway, she wanted me to say we have been getting your entries and she hopes to do some bloggie updating and visiting your bloggies soon. She's just had a lot of stuff on her mind. I tried to tell her that is why doggie minds are better. You can't pile so much stuff on them. She doesn't listen...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mango Minster DOG PILE Update!

Well, the entries for my Mango Minster Sanctioned Event, DOG PILE, are coming and and I am realizing a couple of things:

1. There will definitely be two size groups, though the "smaller" dogs are giving the big dogs a run for their money!

2. I am really glad I am just judging and not competing, because there are some really great entries already. All I can say is: WOW.

3. Edited to add another ROOL: NO PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS ALLOWED. No fair waiting til your dog is just home from a traumatic tutoring and then piling stuff on. This is supposed to be a fun game.

That being said, I decided to send some artistic inspiration your way. They're not the most colorful pictures, but they show off my favorite daily-use Buddy Biscuits, which are great for dogs with tummy issues. They are organic, human grade and corn, soy, gluten, dairy, egg, salt and sugar free. In fact, they smell so good that my Momma has almost eaten them thinking they were people cookies! (Actually the Itty Bitty Buddy Biscuits are the best size for training - and really cute - but they don't sell them in the 10-pound bulk cheaper boxes, so Momma breaks up the regular size ones. I have never gotten to eat a whole Buddy Biscuit before.)

Also they are really good to stick in your pocket because they're not greasy or smelly.

"Chiropractic Buddy Biscuits"

"Little Men and Big Dog"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Announcing my Mango Minster Sanctioned Event: DOG PILE!

My friend Mango the Mastiff is hosting Mango Minster again this year. It is a most excellent photo dog show. Any dog can enter in a variety of categories - go HERE, to Mango's special MangoMinster site to see how to enter.

This year, I am sponsoring a special talent event called DOG PILE. The rules are simple:

1. Take stuff and pile it on yourself (yourself being the dog, not your human).

2. Have your human take ONE picture of it and pee-mail it to me at BY FEBRUARY 1.

3. In the email, include the following information:
-your name
-your human's name if they want
-your bloggy address
-your breed or predominant breedS (like the rest of Mango Minster, mixed up confused breeds is ok)
-your approximate size or surface area
-the number of things you have piled on you and a list of what they are
-NO PHOTOSHOPPED or otherwise altered pictures!!

4. Winners with the most # of things piled on will win a $20 donation made in their name to Kuvasz Rescue or a dog product or toy of my choosing.

5. The decisions of The Great White (that's me, judging) will be final. If we get enough entries I might arbitrarily make small dog/large dog categories since a dog with a large surface area can have more stuff piled on him than, say, a toy poodle.

-each thing piled on the dog must actually be ON the dog, not next to or touching or leaning.
-stuffies, shoes, toys, pieces of biscuit or liver, all count so long as they are visible in the picture without Biggie-fying the picture.
-blankets, appliances, grandfather clocks, other cracker dogs and children (and stuff like that) are not appropriate


Here I am demonstrating a proper Dog Pile contestant entry:

My score with this entry would be 4: the duck, the gingerbread house, the squeaky truck and the rope bone. The fluffy ball does not count. I am also not capitalizing on the small toys - I think there is something INSIDE the gingerbread house but you can't see it without Biggiefying the picture, and it is not directly ON me, it is inside the gingerbread house that is on me. So it doesn't count.

Here is a sad Dog Pile entry that would get a score of ZERO:

The dog bed is all tangled up in me and I am using it to pin my Orvis chicken. Not a good entry, despite the laser eyes.

Keep checking back here for exciting updates!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

How better to ring in the new year than with my 200th post! 2009 was a pretty rough year all around. We lost Josh and we'll probably never know why, and my Uncle Jesse went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. Also this year many of my kuvasz friends lost loved ones, so we kuvs had to be strong for our people.

I've been cooped up at home with my humans this weekend and it's been boooooring. Momma walked me a few minutes after midnight on Jan. 1 and there were all these weird people out. We live near where the ball dropped and so there were lots of loud drunk people. I'm a one-dog temperance society. 'nuff said.

I did have some fun this year, and after lots of pestering Momma finally made a movie of one of my more fun days in 2009 - I got to wrassle with my girlfriend Lexi while my Auntie Pita was visiting. Enjoy. And yes, I like me some dominant grrlz! (P.S. some of this video is PG-2 so you might want to screen it first for your puppies.)