Friday, July 31, 2009

Back from Camp and Gallop and Goes!

Momma says this video does double doody. I got back from Camp more than a week ago. I stayed there for TWO WHOLE WEEKS while my humans went to some place called Gallop and Goes. (Sounds like a dude ranch to me.) When I got back, I was so excited that Momma said I reminded her of this video!

The video was from Espanola Island and shows what happens when you take liquid stuff and force it through a small opening under pressure. Except my liquid was some kibble poo that, well, I was just excited to see my humans again even though it was a little stressful being back in the city.

Momma said this one reminds her of me, too:

I don't know why she would say such a thing, that is a booby and I am a Biggie. Boobies got their name because the Spanish people who first found them called them "bobo" because they were silly and goofy because they don't run away or anything. So Momma has been calling me a booby. It's true I don't run away from anything, but I'm not nearly that colorful, and my diaries are a different color. And more voluminous. But now I'm back on raw and everything is fixed. Yum, chicken bones!

Anyway, this was a strange dude ranch they went to. They seem to be a little too happy about riding that tortoise or something.

Just kidding. You're only allowed to ride tortoises that are your friends.

More pictures from Momma and her friends' trip to Gallop and Goes here. She says they are still organizing them and stuff. Yeah, right.

Now I am in Brrr Mont except it's sort of HOT. I'm here with LOTS of people and dogs and we're having an AMAZING TIME!

Hope you are all having a good weekend too!

Monday, July 6, 2009

BrrrMont in July!

Ok, SOMEdogs thought I had too many words in my last post and they had to stop reading and go meditate. So I will try to keep this one short.

This is a picture for you grrlz. This is me without a bath or brushing - I hear the scruffy Bad Boy look is in. I have a great dog run up here though sometimes I have to let the humans hit a tennis ball around.

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and celebrated the country's BirdDay with some things that just - oops - fell off the grill and into your mouths. I wasn't so lucky because my humans are SWITCHING ME TO KIBBLE because they are sending me to camp and going somewhere without me for a long time. I heard they will be on a boat in lots of deep water.

I prefer water in solid form. It's mostly safer - except for when I was roaching on top of it and fell off, but luckily no one got that on film. Momma did fall down laughing though.

Yes, we went to BrrrMont last weekend and now you know why it's called BRRRRR Mont! We went on a hike and found this strange glacier where the half-pipe used to be.

I had to investigate.
It also had this great tunnel I could run through, full of mud. You can see my mud action here, as I survey my domain.

Earlier that day we also saw a fox! Momma didn't have a camera with her and she wouldn't let me catch it. My humans CLAIM they saw one while they were driving, and if you Biggie-fy this picture you might be able to see it. I was a whole lot closer to mine, and if I hadn't been on a pesky leash, I might have caught a specimen for everyone to admire.

Finally, here is a video of me playing on my glacier. Haroooo!