Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Smart = Naughty

I come back from an overnight business trip and Biggie has reverted to naughtiness to get attention. Never mind that since Friday morning I have taught him no fewer than six new commands to keep his mind exercised. The kuvasz' "clownish sense of humor" has taken over. 

His latest self-taught "trick" is to pull the laundry basket out from under the bed to get at the fragrant socks and underwear inside. Oh yeah - and he pulls socks out in pairs

I can't say I wasn't warned.  

From the Kuvasz Fanciers of America website: 
Q: How hard is it to obedience train a Kuvasz?

A: Kuvaszok are deviously clever and will attempt to modify or neutralize your training efforts if you bore them with mindless repetition. Use your imagination to vary your practice routine, and persevere!
Although they prefer to have their fun in activities of their own invention, Kuvaszok are highly intelligent and are intriguing to train if the owner is more stubborn and persistent than the dog...

Someone more resourceful than I could probably teach him to be a service dog. Then again, knowing Biggie's sense of humor, he would probably try to do laundry in the shower while I was in it.


Mango said...

Oh Biggie! Eating stinky laundry is the best! Momma says to watch out because you might hide some socks or undies in your innards and then your Momma will FREAK OUT when she sees it come out your hiney.

You look like a good couch for your Momma.

Mango said...

When my little black devil dog nephew comes over I get lots of suds on him and his dad FREAKS OUT because he thinks it will melt the little dude or something.

I'm going to ask Momma to get me some of that horse poop. Sounds yummers.