Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 18, 2009

Something really tragic happened today and my humans can't stop leaking from their eyes. Momma and P-Daddy are ok but not really ok, because they are very very sad. Momma gave me a bath tonight so I can give hugs to all my extended human family. So we'll be gone for a bit and we'll be back later to talk about the raw diet and stuff when we're not so upset. We'll be reading your bloggies to try to cheer up but probably not commenting much.

Joshie, we miss you tons. Peace be with you.

Monday, March 9, 2009


... for LOTS of NEWS!!

You know it takes a lot to stop me talking about my food. Momma's been flying all over the place and she doesn't even know what time or day it is anymore and she had to post this. This is worth it!

FIRST OF ALL: My dog mom and my pop BOTH passed their Therapy Dog International tests with flying colors!!! On the first try!!! Without doing a class or ANYTHING. Way to go, Mama Snow and Yani-Pop (above), but also, way to put the pressure on! Yikes! Mama Clare said that they both did great on their tests except when Yani-Pop had to walk by a big mirror. Apparently he couldn't pass it without stopping to admire himself. BOL!

NEXT - and JUST AS EXCITING, My Big Brudder SARGE has started a blog! More Kuvasz in da house!

And while we're on the subject of KUVASZ... if you can't get enough of us gorgeous dogs (I am my father's son, after all), check out this video of the lovely Delilah, Chance's love interest in Homeward Bound II. A shout out to my brother TEX for sending this to me. Tex, She is WAY cuter than your big stuffed polar bear and I may have to fight you for her unless we can work out some sharing arrangement.