Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smartest boyz in the room

Yep, that would be me. I can open my crate door from the inside and the outside with one paw tied behind my back. I can undo my seat belt and open doors. I learn most commands in a single try. (Now whether I execute them in a timely fashion is another matter, but it depends on what the enticements are. Chicken, liver and fish work really well. And bacon.)

Even though Mommy says I have become a little cocky, she is always trying to come up with new ideas for interactive toys and games to keep my mind busy. Because a bored puppy becomes, in my case, a naughty puppy. I find ways to steal socks and hold both of them in my mouth. I don't test Mommy or P-Daddy one bit (I know where my food comes from) but no one else is the boss of me. I have my posse of boyz in the 'hood here - Carlos the super of my domain, Jose who makes the elevator go around, and my best cheerleader who works next door at the place that makes the food for all the Metro Kitchens in the city. He always smells like yummy food and takes pictures of me and my boyz wrestle with me and play all sorts of games that Mommy disapproves of because she thinks they teach me to be bossy. They don't, because I have pretty much got these boyz all under my control. They are so happy they squeal in delight when they see me, and they jump around just as much as I do. I can even jump taller than Carlos.

But I need to go back to doggie day care and be boarded, and for some reason I haven't been going. I'm sure it can't be because of that last incident with the trainer and the new dogwalker I chased away from the apartment in Jurassic Park-like rage. I had to protect our cleaning lady somehow, and my new wisdom teeth were hurting me.

So maybe in order to graduate to the next level of dog socialization I need to learn some more skillz. So for my very first Valentine's Day, Mommy set up a date for me with my very own veteran! I am not a supporter of the war in Iraq because that means that there are lots of pups missing their humans (like Peanut), but I am a big supporter of our veterans. My Daddy is one too.

I am really looking forward to some one-on-one tutoring with my veteran. I saw mommy defrosting a big slab of beef liver this morning so I'm sure I will get lots of tutoring tomorrow.

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