Friday, February 15, 2008

How strong is a kuvasz?

Biggie crunches raw chicken leg quarters with the bone in a matter of seconds. Here he is at 6 months opening a corrugated cardboard box to find a hoof and then destroying the box in about 5 minutes:


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky he doesn't have thumbs. You'd be doomed. Too smart, that one.

Huck said...

Oooh, Biggie that is one of my favorite games: "find toy in box". I too always end it with destroying the box that kept my toy prisoner. (I also do it because I like to create messes so my humans can play the clean up game. It's good to keep your humans busy with lots of games like that!)

Anonymous said...

Hey i love your dog he is so cute. Someday i am going to buy a Kuvasz.I am in love with this breed, and i cant wait to get one.Your dog pic made me want to get one, so thanks for posting that pic.