Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

Biggie's Resolutions 2008:
1. No more Cujo.
2. Stop sock stealing.
3. Overcome separation anxiety.
4. Become a gentler crotch-sniffer.
5. No more wastebasket diving or sidewalk (garbage) surfing.

Biggie's (half) Year in Pictures:

May - Four days old. 

May - Eyes just opening... 

June - Biggie snuggles with his big brother Yetti, while Apollo naps with Spirit and Tex.

June - Litter box training in the whelping box. 

June - Almost weaned. I think Biggie is the fat one on top squishing his way in. 

June - Biggie and Tex in the back row. 

June/July - He does clean up nicely. 

June/July - Mellow puppy. 

June/July - Fatty in the pool!

July 15, 2007.

July - Biggie opens a present. 

August - Biggie takes a rest after the photo shoot on the dam. 

September - First Biggie/Tex reunion.

November - Biggie takes a rest from chasing our friends' guinea fowl, turkeys, chickens and ducks (and actually catching a duck).

December - Biggie and Tex reunion and photo shoot.

December - 7 months old, almost... 

December - Wrasslin' in the snow, at 7 months.


Christmas Day, looking like Daddy Y.

December 30 - snuggling with 6-year old Anna. 


Druiel said...

Lovely to see how they grow.
Wishing you a great year.

Druiel and the Weims

4xBs said...

Hi Biggie Z- it's good to sniff you. you certainly have grown a lot in the past 7 months. you have earned your name! hee hee


andrea_frets said...

I can't believe what curly hair he had when he was a puppy and how HUGE he is now! He is definitely a beautiful dog. I wish I could meet him.

Happy belated New Years!!
Andrea & Finny