Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thanksgiving Part 2: Guest Bloggers Buddy and Benji

BUDDY: Hi, we decided to tell you a little about what Thanksgiving was REALLY like, before Biggie comes back and spoils it with more pictures of himself...

BENJI: ...acting all cute and stuff, like he wasn't this big galumphing dork of a puppy who just pestered us all the time!

BUDDY: Benji! That is so not fair! Biggie was cute; he was just a little... er... energetic. You didn't have to bark at him so much.

BENJI: My couch is just that. MY couch. Mine.

BUDDY: In case you couldn't tell, Benji's the grouchy one -

BENJI: -harumph!

BUDDY: --and I'm the more cheerful one. We're both Shi-tzu-poos (I know, I know, I've heard it before) but we have very different personalities. We do both bark, ...

BENJI: the home must be defended!

BUDDY: But all we do is bark.

BENJI: I'd just bark them all away. You know that.

BUDDY: A lot of good our barking did to chase that Big puppy away.

BENJI: Well he's not here now, is he?

BUDDY: I don't think our barking had anything to do with that. I think his mommy and daddy took him home.

BENJI: Nah, I barked them all away too.

BUDDY: Yeah, whatever.

BENJI: Hey, you didn’t have a big spongy nose all up your business the whole time! I didn’t get a moment’s peace. He kept wanting to smell me, to see what was going on. I swear, if I have to hear, “Whatchoo doing? Can I see? Can I play? Whatchoo doing? Whatchoo doing? Can I join too, please please please!” one more time, I'm gonna blow!

BUDDY (aside): I guess now would not be the time to spring the Huckleberry surprise on him…

BENJI: I heard that! What’s Hucklebeary surprise? I loves surprises as long as they are tasty. Huckleberry sounds tasty!

BUDDY: Huckleberry is, like, our cousin. Or maybe our nephew. Tyler’s been cheating on us and now he has another pup to cuddle. And I heard that Huck likes to play chase like Biggie.

BENJI: Oh no, oh no! I will just bark him away!

BUDDY: He might take all our toys like Biggie did.

BENJI: That’s ok as long as Huck brings us special gifts and treats. We’re easily bribed.

BUDDY: Actually, even if Huck’s mom and dad throw a stick for us once in a while, we’d probably be pretty happy.

BENJI: And besides, anything is better than 70 pounds of rambunctious puppy.

BUDDY: True dat.

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Huck said...

My mom is laughing very hard in the background in response to Buddy and Benji's post. I will definitely bring 'peace offerings' of yummy things I like so they will hopefully wrestle and chase me ALL week. I am so excited to go to Bud and Benj's home because they have a fenced in yard and I don't. I have to be tethered by a long line when I play with my dog buddies out back so I don't run away and chase all the feral cats and go jump in the goose pond. Mom says it is more like a goose toilet. I don't care. Maybe I will collect some goose poop to share with my little Shitzu-poo cousins. It's delicacy!

Wet kisses,