Monday, December 31, 2007


Biggie's first Christmas, and he totally gets the whole concept of opening his Christmas presents:

Actually, opening the presents may be as much or more fun than playing with them.  

In the foreground you can see the small Orvis rooster, still intact, luckily, since even the Orvis flagship store is out of them until 2008. In the background is an orange dog toy that Biggie found in the condo - left by the previous owners, apparently, since we didn't buy it and we have no idea where he found it.

After Biggie pulled the presents out of the shipping box, he proceeded to tear the box up more. That was not so interesting for us humans, so we finished with some posed shots. 

Giant cow knuckle and 15 pizzles!

And a birdhouse puzzle with 3 little squeaky birds to extract. This takes Biggie 3 minutes or less to finish, but he will carry the house and birds around the condo with him. If anyone has any better ideas for challenging puzzle toys, let me know. Hole-y roller and Kong roller have already been done to death, they don't take him too long either. 

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