Monday, December 31, 2007

Puppy's first snow

December 2 (ok, we're a leeeetle behind) I saw my first glimpse of the white stuff that I now know comes in so many consistencies, flavors and depths. But when I took Mommy on her first walk in this stuff called "snow," she didn't know what to do with it either because she wore her pajama pants and slippers outside and she got all wet! hahahaha. (Mommy Note: I forgot to look out the window before going outside.) I tried to catch snowflakes in my mouth and dug in the "snow" to find the smelly sidewalk underneath. It was still there. I did my business - first business in the snow! Then we came in to tell P-Daddy, who was still in bed. Once I woke him up and got him excited about the snow (a little paw on the clean sheets and a cold wet nose bump usually does the job), he got so riled up he got the CAR out and we all went for a ride! 

Here you can see me resting up for the excitement that ALWAYS comes after we go for a ride in the CAR. I know I'm going to need my energy. Daddy used his energy making silly faces. Mommy kept saying she was tired because she had jet lag because she was away in You-Rope on "business." This is odd because the only "business" I ever have to do, I can do pretty much anywhere outside as long as Mommy has a plastic bag. So I don't know why she had to leave me for so long. We have plenty of plastic bags at home. 

But anyway, I digest. When we go in the car it always puts me to sleep and it's a great place to be because pretty much anytime I'm in the car my core flock of Mommy and P-Daddy are BOTH there. So it's a good time. By the way, for you safety-conscious dogs out there, I am ALWAYS in a seat belt in the car. I'm big enough to stay strapped in and use the armrest as a pillow for a nice nap. It's my preferred position. (I have also learned to undo my seat belt, but I only do that in dire situations, like when I have to go diary and Mommy is driving and not listening to me. Then I undo it and stand and breathe in her ear and whimper out the window. Luckily Mommy is smart enough to understand.)

Little did I know that we were taking the CAR to see my big brother TEX! Tex's pop made him a big giant playpen outside and it was full of snow. We got to wrestle and play and we even had a little fight, but don't tell Mama Clare. Mine and Tex's people said it was because of something called "hormones," but we got along ok after Tex realized it was me. 

First he jumped on me like usual:

Then we patrolled his play pen together. It's so big! And it's outside so we can bark at things if they come by. Tex has a little big brother named Shay (short for Shakespeare) who is a little deaf. Shay actually stays close to the house so he gets to play outside the play pen. Shay bosses Tex around a little but we both respect him because he's a grownup. He may be smaller on the outside, but he's bigger on the inside. 

After we ran around and wrestled a bit, I decided to see if Tex's snow tasted like my snow. It was just as wet, but it wasn't as fragrant as NYC snow. (Tex, I've since learned that VERMONT snow is the BEST except that I think some bad snow made Mommy fall while she was skiing and she hurt her shoulders. Now she is staying home with me while P-Daddy skis, which is pretty good except for the P-Daddy being away part. So maybe snow is a good thing after all because she's not leaving me alone for hours and hours and hours like she usually does when we're in Vermont.)

Eventually our humans went inside to eat and we stayed outside to play a little so we wouldn't bother them while we were eating. 

So it's a little late, but Mommy had to learn how to use her new laptop and iMovie, and she was too busy skiing all week until she got hurt yesterday and now she can stay home with MEEEEEEE (See, Wimsey, I am learning from you! Although I didn't make her get hurt, she did that all by herself, she has double shoulder dislocations and has to walk around with her arms in these sling things that look like giant socks that I will plan to steal later). But first here is a video of Tex chasing me in his giant playpen when we were 6-1/2 months old and we saw our first snow. It was loads of fun! (We actually had a real fight for a moment in there which is why Mommy put the music in the video because otherwise we sound a little like wild monsters! ARR! ARR! ROWWW! ROWWW!)

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Our mom calls those noises "speaking whale" know, like in "Finding Nemo"!

~Victor and PeterPan