Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Part 3 of 3

Hi, Biggie here.
The Orvis Christmas present tragedy took me out of the loop for a while and I've been battling some tummy upset as well. I'm not quite 100% but enough to post a quick one. Maybe I'll have to let Tex tell the story of our play date and first snow.

On top of that, P-Daddy's pictures are stuck on his computer and Mommy got a new kuvasz* for Christmas that she is playing with and she has been having trouble getting the pictures off of it. So this picture was hung up in cyberspace for a while. But the best part of Thanksgiving was having so many kids to chase me and play with me. Can't you tell? Have a great weekend, everyone. Stratton got 8 more inches of snow last night and more snow due tomorrow night, so Mommy says she's gonna take me and P-Daddy up to Vermont to bark at skiers!

*(that's Biggie-speak for "laptop")

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Pacco de Mongrel said...

wat a celebration...ur seems to be the central of attraction there