Wednesday, October 31, 2007


REWARD OFFERED: For the return of my kuvasz puppy. Last seen before I left for Europe on my business trip. Will exchange for the trained lamb I found in my apartment when I got back (who oddly enough answers to "Biggie").

Here is the kuvasz puppy. Note the toothy grin as he chews on the chicken, the use of toys (rawhide bone AND giant chicken at the same time), the distinctly dog ears, and the kuvasz coat:

Compare to the lamb lying in the apartment. No teeth, no toys, floppy little lamb-like ears, and a very sheep-y coat (click on photos for more detail):

Hi everyone this is biggie. When mommy was away I missed her a lot and so I thought I would surprise her when she got back by showing her my very first Howloween costume. So I grew and grew my hair and I didn't take a bath so it would get extra curly. Then I made my ears really floppy and I walked around real slow like a real lamb. heee heee. I don't think she knows it's me yet!

Happy Howloween and be safe everyone! Don't give me or my puppy friends any chocolate no matter how starved we look. But we really ARE starved, so maybe you could send some DOTS and Gummi Bears our way? How about some cheese? Or some apple? Please? Please? My mommy has me on a diet and I sure could use some treats to tide me over until breakfast...


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

You sure do look wooley Biggie!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little lamb! Victor would like to come and try to "herd" him sometime -- do you think his hair is going to stay like that?

~ Victor and PeterPan's mom