Tuesday, October 16, 2007

5 months and 50+ pounds later...

Happy Birthday to Apollo, Yetti, Spirit, Tex and Biggie!

At 24" at the shoulder and somewhere north of 50 pounds (we haven't weighed him in a while), Biggie is probably the smallest of the litter. He's on a diet because he's turning into a little butterball! All the calories he's eating go into making his thick, curly coat and putting a fatty layer on his frame. He has no more baby teeth and his adult teeth are coming in well - those molars crunch through a chicken thigh in no time flat.

Here's a list of some of Biggie's likes and dislikes - (Apollo, Yetti, Spirit, Tex: what are yours?)

Food & Drink:
Favorite meat: fish
Yucky meat: turkey

Favorite fruit/veg: leafy greens
Least liked: carrots

Favorite training treats: cheese, Beefeaters jerky strips (any flavor), bacon
Least liked: none

Favorite water source: the TOILET
Least liked: water bottle attached to the ex-pen
Fun water: ice cubes

Favorite boy dog(s): TEX, Harry (Belgian shepherd), Useless (Jack Russell)
Girlfriends: Zola (mixed breed), Daisy (golden retriever), Dory (viszla)
Least favorite: aggressive dumb dogs who don't know how to communicate with other dogs

Favorite people: EVERYONE except:
Least favorite: large nighttime joggers in dark clothing, bicycles that come too close

Most consistent trick/command: SIT (Biggie thinks that as long as his rear end is touching ground, he can do ANYTHING he wants with the other, toothy end)
Newest trick/command: roll (verbal), fetch
Favorite toy(s): Orvis 22" stuffed squeaky chicken, beef ears, anything squeaky
Favorite non-toy toy: living room plants, cardboard boxes, metal water bowl, dog bed

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Boomer and his mom Carol said...

He doesn't like turkey?! I never heard of a dog not liking turkey. He has a delicate palette.