Thursday, October 4, 2007


P-Daddy was out of town last week at a conference, so I was a single pup-mom for a week. Still reeling from the exhaustion. Here is a typical evening with Biggie:

8-8:45 pm: get home, take Biggie out, play session in lobby with Zola

8:45 - 9:45pm: Make Biggie's dinner.* Biggie eats in crate, I email P-Daddy, unload the dishwasher and reload it with the dirty dishes from the sink. Now that the sink is clear again, water some orchids. Take a quick shower.

9:45 - 10:40pm: Make my own dinner; while it is cooking, watch Biggie with one eye as he pulls every toy from his toy cache, one by one, and runs around the apartment with it, dropping it in random places. Do some training while dinner is cooking. Biggie can "stay" for 5 minutes.

10:40-11:10pm: Take Biggie on VERY frustrating walk where he lunged, barked, growled, pulled, ate garbage and DID NOT POTTY. So much for being in bed by 11.

11:10-11:15pm: Check apartment for accident that happened between 9:45-10:40 - none. That's good except it means I have to go out again.

11:15pm-12am: Put Biggie in exercise pen where he naps while I eat dinner. (Dude! You can't nap! Your puppy bladder will be bursting overnight unless we go out again)

12am-12:20am: Wake Biggie up to walk again. "Walk" means: lunge, growl, guard, guard, guard, guard, guard, guard ... teeny little pee. But he is beautifully behaved on the way in, walking on a loose leash and sitting before every door.

12:20-12:30am: Bedtime for Biggie: cuddling, play, brushing, went in crate and settled nicely.

12:31am: Mommy is snoring.

*Dinner = veggie mush, yogurt, chicken liver, raw turkey wing, raw fish.


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Wow, that's a lot of going on for late in the evening! Hope you got enough sleep!

Cubby said...

What a fun evening! Puppies are so adorable, aren't they?

Angeerah said...

Um, that's a late bedtime. But I guess that's how it goes with a puppy and a busy work schedule!

Finny (via his mama)