Sunday, October 14, 2007

"He's so LITTLE!!"

Not words we hear often with Biggie (actually, I don't think we ever heard them), but we heard them and said them yesterday when we went to visit Biggie's godmother Cindy. Cindy is a kuvasz lover who was instrumental in putting us together with Biggie. Sadly, due to our various schedules and other non-dog events in all our lives, until yesterday she'd only seen Biggie in photos and through the blog.

Biggie ran around and explored Cindy and her yard and then we brought one of Cindy's dogs out. In keeping with the hip-hop theme, let's call him Jay-Z...Uncle Jay-Z is older than Biggie but was interested in him nonetheless. Biggie spent the entire time trying to get Jay-Z to play with him (mainly, to chase him). But Jay-Z, regal as he is, doesn't need to run. So Biggie kept coming back and behaved like the little boy he is, making little mischievous faces, yipping like a much smaller pup, and darting in to **almost** nip Jay-Z in various places. He was small enough to dart under Jay-Z. Jay-Z is at least 6" taller than Biggie at the shoulder.

A picture (or two), however, is worth a thousand words:

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