Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Biggie meets a baby

My mommy went away the other day and I miss her. I think she said hi to me on daddy's backberry the other night but i couldn't really tell.

Last weekend mommy took me to the dog run where i got to play with Zola and mommy took some funny pictures. Then I got to meet Duncan a pug and a baby! (Duncan made a poopy on my bed!) The baby was fun and mommy took some more pictures. We played a little bit and mommy kept saying "gentle, gentle". We got a little tangled up because she's not very good at walking yet (the baby, not mommy) and I was standing very very still so she wouldn't get scared, but she somehow ended up under my belly and couldn't figure out how to climb out and she got scared because she couldn't stand up. I didn't know what to do, so I stood really really still, but she still cried a little because my belly was above her head. Then her mommy got her out and she was ok. I tried to be very very quiet so the baby would play with me. Later she came over and we played a little bit. She took her paw to pat me and I patted her paw back. It was a very fun game but then I tried to pat her very gently and she moved and I ended up patting her on the cheek and she fell down and cried a little bit. But she was ok because then she got up and came over to pat me some more.

After that I let the baby step on me and I made myself very very small and down to the ground so she didn't get scared. And mommy took more pictures. But since mommy is away I don't know how to get her pictures into my blog, so I will show you a picture of me and my favorite chicken. When my mommy comes back I will ask her to put up some pictures of me playing with the baby. And also a picture of Duncan and how little he looks next to me. I can't believe such a little dog could make so much poo on my bed. :(

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Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Oh Biggie, you look so adorable with your chicken. Such a handsome boy!!