Thursday, November 1, 2007

Baby pictures

Finally! Because who can resist puppy and baby pictures?

Here are some pictures of me playing with Gia, a human puppy. Gia is 6 months older than me! Boy, her parents must not feed her very much at all because she is a lot smaller than me. Gia came over with her parents and her puppy Duncan. Duncan was a little grumpy and he did some naughty things, but more on that later.

Here, I made myself very small so Gia wouldn't be scared. After I was lying down for a while she came over to check me out. She patted me on the face and it was kind of fun except when she poked me in the eye.

Then I patted her on the face very gently (you can see my paw moving in this picture) and since she only has 2 legs and not 4 she fell down and cried a little. But her mommy was nice and understood that I was just trying to be nice and pet her.

After Gia and I played in the living room a little, I moved to the kitchen and lay on the tile where it was cooler. There Gia made up a new game with me called "Walk past my face and step on my leg." I lay very very still and Gia walked by and sometimes stepped on my leg. She liked that game. Good thing she's so little because it didn't hurt at all when she stepped on my leg.

Here she is getting ready to step on my leg. I gave her 2 choices of leg. Mommy was fumbling to switch her camera to video. Whenever she does that, I get very still and stop whatever I was doing. She hates that. (heee heee heee)

Puppy staredown. Her hair was sticky-up and so was mine. Well, one ear at least.

This is Duncan. Look how little he is! Duncan likes to be naughty when people aren't looking. He liked to play with Mommy's other dog Boo but when he came over he would find something to make a peepee or poopy on when the people weren't paying attention to him. I think he didn't like it if his mommy or daddy paid attention to another puppy. We played a little bit but he was a little grumpy because he's older. Mommy also said maybe he's grumpy because he always has puppies around, like Gia and then me. Gia is too small to bother him much but as you can see I'm big enough to bother him A LOT! (Which he did - chasing Duncan all over the place and nibbling on him...)

Then he went into our bedroom and made a poopy on my bed! Luckily he didn't know that's not a bed I use very much, so it was ok that he pooped on it. If he pooped in my crate I would have been mad. Mommy gave him my rawhide to play with and he wouldn't share it with me. It made me cry. Mommy always told me I have to share my toys so I always let other puppies play with my toys.

Well, most of the time.

When Mommy makes me.

And it's a toy I didn't really care about anyway.


Wimsey said...

Hello Biggie, where do you live in NYC? I'm on the UWS and always looking for big dogs to play with. Perhaps your humans walk you in Central Park? We should meet, my human would love you, she's fond of Kuvaszok as she's Hungarian too.


Finnegan said...

You are definitely a sweet puppy! And where ever you are, my mommy loves your kitchen floor.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

hi biggie pleased to meet u...

is laying down ur favourite pose??