Friday, November 30, 2007

Where's my mommy?

Where's my mommies? I miss my mommy. Mommy-O went away somewhere and didn't take me with her! (Biggie, I'm in Europe and will be home tomorrow!) And I miss Mama Clare and my very first Mommy Snow! Here is a picture of my pretty Mommy Snow. I can't blog any more now, I am going to go sit in my pen and mope.

(more moping)
(bark at noise in the hall)
(still moping)

I also miss my sister Spirit, the Little Princess.
We're both around 70 pounds at 6 months. I'm 26" at the shoulder but my brothers are all around 80 pounds and Yetti is more than 2" taller than me! At this point I'm so lonely I wouldn't mind being sat on by my big brothers. :(


Huck said...

Don't be sad, Biggie! Huck does not like being alone either.

Do you have any advice for us on how to have a peaceful and happy Xmas with Bud and Benj? Did you guys meet on neutral territory before you went into their house? I'm a little worried they will be protective of their territory (house/yard) and a whole dominance battle will happen!

Arabella said...

I'm sorry your so lonely - I'm pretty lonely too and my mom is just down the street at work.

Wimsey said...

No sadness! You should come play with me, I'm always up for entertaining.

The Brat Pack said...

We wanted to come by and say hi, we found ya on DWB!

The Brat Pack