Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Red White and Blue Boys!

Sarge at 8 months

Biggie is in his ex-pen, busy working on a Booda bone stuffed in a Holy Roller, so Mama Clare, Biggie's breeder will be guest blogging. Biggie sends happy one-year birthday wishes to his big brothers, born on Veteran's Day 2006:

RED: Yanilan Salutes Freedom (Sarge)
WHITE: Yanilan Salutes America (Dani)
BLUE: Yanilan Salutes Our Troops (Chief)

Each one of these guys would fill up the whole pen by now.

We've been eagerly awaiting one-year birthday pictures, but this gives you an idea of what a 100-lb one-year-old - even a show-trained one - is capable of:

First, we started in the groom room trying to get his porcupine hair to lay down and brushing him as well as possible, considering that every day for him is a bad hair day. With a pocket full of treats and camera with low batteries, the challenge began. I had him on leash, hoping I could tie him in a spot, treat him and he would stay there for the picture. No WAY!!! He wouldn't get more than 2 inches from my pocket with treats, which isn't a good distance for taking pictures. Finally he pulled the yard bench over on a plant when I foolishly tossed a treat just out of his reach. The heavy metal bench was down also on the electric fence, which I learned in a hurry when I tried to pick it up before turning off the fence.

So, we'll stick with some of the older pictures, which are just as cute:

Red, White and Blue boys at 6 weeks

Mama Clare writes:

I feel pretty sentimental today, thinking back to a year ago. I was one nervous mama! My son came out from Dallas to help with the whelping when it was obvious Snowzi was getting close. At 12:15 AM, I'm sitting in the whelping box with Snowzi when I see these little feet coming out, and with just a little tug, out pops precious Blue Boy (Chief). Jim expertly did the clamps on his cord, and he got busy nursing. He was the biggest by just a few ounces, so wasn't long until brother Red Boy (Sarge) stuck his little feet out asking for a tug, and bloop, he was there!!! He was clamped and then he clamped onto MamaSnow for his first meal.

Snowzi decided 2 would be plenty and just quit. We spent a long night urging her to try for the others, with no response, so we were at the vet clinic at 7 in the morning, where Dr. Taylor gave Snowzi the shots to get her going again, and he took the 3rd boy's feet out about 8 AM. That was White Boy (Dani). These 3 big boys were sure loving to eat, as they still do, but Snowzi finally had to be taken away from them for a short time to have a c-section to get the last pup out, which was a little girl who never breathed, in spirt of heroic efforts by the vet tech to revive her.

The brotherhood and Spirit their "little" sister share many of the same likes and dislikes:

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!! Must protect the home from deadly bubbles!!

Water - best enjoyed direct from the hose or some other spraying apparatus, guaranteed to make the most mess:

And a special taste for pencils, pens and paper (in addition to being guard dogs, kuvasz are prolific writers!), which led Sarge's mom to comment:

We started with bitter apple, he said yummy, give me more.
We went to Tabasco, same thing but even better
We went to chipotle, same
We went to Habanero, that caused a SLIGHT reaction, but he still came back for more.
If you find something they don't like to eat, let me know!!

In closing, here are some glamour shots of the beautiful Red, White and Blue boys, who salute our veterans and our troops today:

Little Red Boy (Sarge)

WHITE: Dani at 6 months

Little Boy Blue (Chief)


Angeerah said...

Those puppies are ridiculously cute!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

happy birthday to u guys...

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Haroo! I love the picture of the bubble killing! Don't let them get too close there's no telling what they'll do!