Thursday, November 1, 2007


Pacco asked why I am always lying down. That's a good question, Pacco, and the answer is because I am a Big Lazy Puppy. But sometimes I stand and sit and here is some some gratuitous furcake to show you how big and handsome I am. I'm almost bigger than Stratton Mountain.

It was Halloween the other day and it was a Very Strange Day.

First I walked the neighbor children to the bus stop and waited for the bus with them. They smelled the same, and they sounded the same, but they were wearing funny clothes and gravy on their faces. And they didn't want to play with me, they only wanted to give me treats until Mommy ran out of them. Well, that part wasn't so bad. It was just strange because they didn't even ask me to do anything for the treats. Sometimes they would tell me to sit, but I was already sitting. I love getting treats without having to work at all! Good thing Mommy taught me to be gentle with my mouth because their little hands are smaller than my breakfast meat, and I was very very hungry because I hadn't had breakfast yet.

Then that night my mommy and daddy left me ALL ALONE for hours and hours when they had to go see The Police. Why did Mommy and Daddy go to The Police and I had to sit in jail all night? I didn't do anything wrong! So I decided to show my displeasure by rearranging my furniture a little. I took my jail and moved it from the sunny spot by the speaker, up to my rug. Rugs are boring when they just lie flat. You can see my redecorating in this COPS-like re-enactment:

P.S. Pacco, I'm STANDING in this one!


Anonymous said...

wow, Biggie you are not little anymore!! You look very handsome and grown up. Tyler and I cannot believe how much you have changed! Last time we saw you, you were a fuzzy ball of puppy. Hope we can see you soon!
Love, Emily, Tyler, & Huck

Biggie-Z said...

Hi Huck! Do you have a blog? I would love to trade puppy stories with you! or, if you want to be a guest blogger, let me know. I still play like a puppy. This weekend I played with all sorts of quackers! Mommy will tell you about it sometime.

Love, Biggie

P.S. Your Aunt Gillian is here now and I'm being very good and not waking her up. heee heee. I want to play with her.

Wimsey said...

Hi Biggie! That's quite an Xpen you have there, can't you knock it over to get out? I don't get put in jail too often, but Maria puts a baby gate up so I can't get into the bedroom when she's not home. Mean humans!


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Biggie - I think my mom wants to nibble on your ears - they are so cute!