Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thank you Tex!

hello tex this is biggie. my mommy said i could use the computer for a littlw hile to say hi. i love you and i miss you already. THANK YOU for the red jolly ball it is almost as big as my frien the giant chicken and i love it almost as much as i love my giant chicken and my mommy and daddy. mybee if you are really really good for your mommy and daddy they will get you a giant chicken too. my mommy sez its not in the orvis catalog anymore - they only have the littler rooster squeak toys that are pretty good too - but maybe if you call them they will have it. i have a little rooster at my house in vermont and we play hide and seek with it and it squeaks. maybe if you come to vermont to play we can play it together.

are you tired at all today? i am still wiped out and i had a lot of fun and each time we go outside now i look for you and i am sad you are not there. so then i lie down on the sidewalk because that makes mommy pay attention to me. she says things like "stinky" and "bath" and "dirty" but i dont care because then she pets me so i know shes not really mad at me. i have her trained.

my daddys coming home tonight yippee!! mommy says we can go have dinner outside somewhere i like that because people come pay attention to me and pet me and that is fun.

hector at the butcher asked if we had fun playing together and i told him yes. maybe my mommy will get you a treat from hector next time we play. i tried to play with a maltese doggy but he didnt know how to play and i even tried making a play bow and then lying down on the sidewalk to show him im just a baby so he wont be so scared but he still just barked at me and ran away. i coulda chomped him in one bite but i didnt so he should know i just wanted to play.

i fell asleep during dinner last night i was so tired. it was lots of fun to chase you and bite your tail and your feet but next time if your going to hump me maybe dont do it at my head. and if your gonna keep trying to sit on me maybe dont eat so much because your getting heavy. im going to grow more bigger teeth so i can chomp your tail better next time. heh heh

p.s. its okay if Sara and Krissy want to sit on me though. i like cuddling with them.

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