Saturday, September 8, 2007

Smartest Puppy in the World

Smarter than Mommy, at least, who missed her flight home from Dulles late last night while sitting at her gate waiting to hear the boarding announcement (long story). This is the email I got after I told P-Daddy and Biggie that I wouldn't be home until really really late:

From: "P-Daddy"
Date: 9/8/07 12:19 am
Subj: Hi Mommyu

Hi Mommy, this is Biggy. It sure is hard to ype on daddy's backberry with my paws. I gues they are kinda big-like my name. I miss my Mommy. Daddy and grandma/pa play with me butt they don't give me as much hiugggs as you do. When r u coming home? You will be in my dreams.
Love, biggy not so smalls

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P-Daddy is in trouble for letting Biggie stay up past his bedtime.

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