Sunday, September 2, 2007


Biggie lost 3 teeth yesterday! Two upper incisors and one lower incisor. There is one lower incisor and some premolars just breaking the gums, but on his upper jaw there are just two gummy indentations where his incisors used to be. Nothing feels loose right now.

Biggie is also losing his puppy fur. His adult fur, which is soft by dog standards, feels so rough compared to the downy fluff he is covered in. It's coming in on his forehead (though he still has the "bonnet" on the top of his head), his feet, and his tail and his rump. P-Daddy calls him "Lando Calrissian."

Since P-Daddy's parents are staying with us, Biggie has learned to count to 4. He has adopted them into his "flock." His voice is also changing, and he puts on a deep, adult-sounding bark at perceived threats (usually unfamiliar men when Biggie is out with his flock at night).

Biggie also tried beef ribs last night for the first time. Mmmmm.

Other things Biggie is learning:

Sit and hand target (nose to open palm) for things he wants, including leash and collar on/off and for meals
Climb in and out of the car

One thing this blog and the photos and videos can't convey, however, is what a very sweet boy he is. In addition to his puppy classes, Biggie's next task will be to work on Canine Good Citizen.

SHOUT OUT: Biggie has two lovely and adorable brothers (litter mates) who are looking for forever homes. If you are interested in being loved and monitored by this amazing breed, let me know.

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