Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bend It Like Tex, um...

ok, I deserve to be PUNished for that. But the goal of this post was to assist Tex, Biggie's brother, in getting some play:

Isn't it funny how we get our dogs involved in "our" sports? P-Daddy and I named Biggie after a water polo legend and spent much time this summer getting him to swim. Tex's dad is, not surprisingly, a soccer player. Here is Tex in his first game:

Q: What happens when Tex dribbles in the house on his birthday?
A: He gets a yellow card.


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Scruffy & Lacie said...

Whoa...Hey Biggie!!! We found a link to you on's early and we can't remember's the blog where you had left a comment. We like to explain so you don't think we're just barging into your site. With your size, we wanted to alert you to our presence!! We read the beginning of your blog. Man, have you grown! How big are you now and how big are you gonna get??? We will refrain from the usual polar bear comment. We get the mini Airedale comment all the time. I mean Lacie at least looks like an Airedale, but as a Wire Fox terrier, well...are these people blind???!!!!!!!

Great blog, Biggie! Come and visit us!

Lakie licks and Wiry hugs,
Scruffy and Lacie