Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy 4 Month Birthday to the Spring Surprises!

As I write this - late Sunday evening - my thoughts are with Mama Clare, who said goodbye today to two more precious boys, Biggie's brothers. Biggie also sends his puppy love to the Brothers Formerly Known as Gold (now Tex) and Purple (now known as ...?), who should be in their forever homes and getting lots of people attention even though they miss their little sister, Spirit, big brother Dani, Mom and Dad, and Mama Clare most of all.

Mama Clare's house must seem unusually quiet with "only" 4 Kuvasz, but there are at least two homes that have a little more noise and movement in them tonight! Biggie played a little too hard in the dog run yesterday and has been limping along, but that doesn't stop him from doing a "new" behavior with his giant stuffed chicken. It's a little disconcerting, really.

Biggie's tips for his brothers in their new homes:

It's ok to be a little lonely the first night and day, and even to cry a little. But stick it out in the crate, it is better than the bed. Or at least, that's what Mommy says.

People are a little harder to understand than puppies, but they give treats!

If you want something and you're not sure how to get it, try sitting.

The clicker is your friend. Good things come when you hear the clicker.

Puppy class is fun. Try it!

Mommy says maybe I can play with my brother(s) when my leg is better.

Orvis is having a sale on stuffed squeaky chickens. I really like those.

On Friday I learned how to open my crate door in both directions (if it's unlocked)!

Good night and sweet dreams, everyone!

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