Thursday, September 20, 2007

Stinky Puppy

The timing of the Daily Puppy was pretty ironic. It came out on the day of our 2nd-to-last puppy class, and so proud Mom that I am, I sent it to the rest of the class. I wanted them to see that Biggie is a white dog, and that he has positions other than lying on his side snoozing through class. Of course, Biggie decided to be the biggest dunce ever in that class! When he wasn't napping, he had the attention span of a flea and spent much of the class sniffing for treats that had been ground into the floor in previous classes. He ignored his stuffed chew toy (the toy that is supposed to keep him quiet) and kept making eyes at his friend Amos.

To add insult to irony, in the last 2 days he has gotten supremely stinky. I'm talking residue-on-your-hands, stink-up-the-apartment stinky. He smells like a homeless man. Time for a bath tonight because P-Daddy doesn't want him stinking up the new car on our drive to Vermont. The smell reached a peak last night - I came home from work and thought he'd pooped in his crate or something. But no, it was just one dirty puppy in there. It didn't help that I then took him to the dog run for an hour where he got slobbered on, rolled on the ground, got slobbered on, rolled on he ground (repeat ad infintum). We had people dinner at an outdoor restaurant, where he was a very good - but very stinky - boy. By the time we got home it was 11pm and he still hadn't had dinner. He ate his 1-1/2 turkey wings and veggie mix, we went out for a walk (where he guarded me a bit), and then he came in and threw up. This is the 2nd time he's ever vomited, and both times it's been after a night of too much activity and he's eating dinner way too late. We're going to have to go back to enforcing the pre- and post-dinner rests to reduce chances of bloat. :(

By the time stinky puppy went back into his stinky crate at was 1 am. P-Daddy and I have a date to clean the stinker tonight.


Boomer and his mom Carol said...

I tend to get if I play after I eat breakfast / dinner. I didn't know that your breed was subject to bloat, so then you have to be extra careful, don't you?

Take care Biggie and parents!

jane said...

Biggie, I can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying your puppy adventures. An absolute laugh out loud experience! You bring back so many fun memories of my Kuvasz at your age. She wasn't the best puppy in class either. Maybe she just had that Kuvasz ability to make an independent decision, but I'm more inclined to think she was besotted with her own image when she passed the full length mirror in class and proceeded to lay down and look at herself admiringly for the remainder of the instruction.