Saturday, January 31, 2009

Career counseling for the working pup

I love to work. Because I am a kuvasz, a Working Dog. But I was thinking the other day that this security and protection gig might not last forever in this recession, so I should probably have a backup job just in case. 

I found this free online quiz that tests your personality and suggests some other career choices that might fit with your personality. Even though it only had Yes or No for answers, I found it much harder than my Puppy Aptitude Test

Some of the questions were easy, like "You are usually the first to react to a sudden event, e.g. telephone ringing" (duh!) or "It is in your nature to assume responsibility" (who else is gonna watch those kids?) or "You prefer to act immediately rather than speculate about various options" (if I hesitate in my protection duties, someone might hurt my people!)

But some were sort of hard.  Like, "You get bored if you have to read theoretical books." How do I answer that if I don't know how to read? How do I know if I would be bored or not?? 

Anyway, the test said that I am an ESFJ. This is not really a surprise. I'm an Extrovert since I love to visit my people and my dogs. This past weekend we had some friends over to Brrr Mont and I showed them around and we played and they petted me and we all had a great time. I am also Sensing and Feeling, rather than iNtuitive or Thinking. Again, not a surprise. I have to go on what my eyes and nose and ears tell me might be a threat, and I sometimes have to act quickly, without a chance to overthink the situation, because that split second of hesitation is when someone might hurt my Momma or jump out of a dark corner and threaten my people. Finally, I guess it goes without saying that I am a Judger not a Perceiver. I decide - and not anyone else - whether a situation warrants action. And if you are "in" in my book, you are in forever.

MLK and Eleanor Roosevelt were ESFJs, so I'm in good company I suppose. 

And if I ever decide to get out of the security and protection field, these are my possible other fields: 

  • Management (I like to be in charge)
  • Public Administration (I do love paper)
  • Nursing (I did take good care of Momma after her splurgeries...)
  • Social Work (maybe I should go for that therapy dog certificate after all) 
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management (somedog has to make sure that the beds are soft and the food is good)
  • Sales & Marketing (I am very good at selling the Raw Diet and also grooming tools)
  • Fashion Merchandising (Just look at my fur!)
  • Education (ditto that therapy dog stuff)
I don't know, dogs. I guess I'm still young enough for a career change if I have to. What about you? 


Lindsay said...

Biggie, you would do great in the fashion industry with that great fur of yours and all the crazy hats you wear. I could also see you as a therapy dog.

jan said...

Poodles were great hunting dogs in years past, but the hounds got jealous, and for a while we ran in the Iditarod, but the huskies got jealous. So we will just work hard at being companion animals and keeping our humans from making mistakes. It's a noble profession.

Winterdark said...

You'd be good at all of those Biggie. Are you seriously planning a career change?

Mango said...

The Relentlessly Huge could always try a new career as a door stop.

Hee hee,

Biggie-Z said...

Bolo, I'm not trying to switch jobs but with all the lay offs happening, and since I lay around all the time, I just wonder if they might layoff me too and then I would have to find another job.

This economonomy is tough.

Stanislaw said...

Ugh... is "party animal" an option? What about "official taste tester"?

Raw meaty feast eater? You and I have that one covered.

There's an award for you at my place!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Biggie, You are brilliant. What a great post. I'm positive that you can be anything you choose to be! I'm just happy being a pampered pooch - long walks, naps and 2 meals a day with treats in between is pretty good, I reckon. In return, I give unconditional love, slurpy licks and chase away cats, squirrels and strangers. Not a bad trade.

Mango said...

Biggie! I am so glad you will be competing. You can send multiple photos that I can use for the competition background, but you will have to tell me which is your official entry.

Hey, listen, I am still waiting to hear from the judge for the Toy Group and am getting anxious. If he bails on me would you be available to judge the toys? I would send you the photos on Sunday and you just have to tell me who wins and why.