Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!

Ok, so Momma is not so good at this whole Blogger layout thingy, but I think my new header picture gives a more artistic view of my New Year wishes.  This is what the full picture looks like: 

We just got back from Brrr Mont and Auntie Lauren (of the Puppy Transport Team) had spent New Year's at our apartment with some friends of hers and she left Momma some toys. Momma is so dumb she thought I was supposed to wear them, and this led to a full-on photo shoot. 

But as you can see, this pink hat is TOO SMALL. (Plus it's PINK and has a TIARA on it...need I say more??) Then again they say Lassie was played by a boy, so I guess I'm ok with that. (harrumph)

It was sort of hard to keep the Happy New Year crown on, too. Every time I lowered my head it flipped down onto my face and I would sit there because Momma told me to STAY and so I would STAY even though I don't think this is how it's supposed to STAY:
That's more like it!

Finally, I let Momma know how I felt about this whole photo shoot business. It's tough being so beautiful. (And you can REALLY see how this hat is way too small for me.)

Momma and I also talked about 3 New Year's Resolutions for each of us.

1. Take care of my health. 
(That's right, Momma, you should eat more natural foods like my raw diet and get plenty of sleep and exercise. At least I get her out on a 2-mile walk and dog run trip most mornings, but she is always staying up way too late even though I keep trying to get her to go to bed.)

2. Let the little things go.
(Momma and I both need to work on this a little. We are just a little intense sometimes...)

3. Live a more economical, simplified life.
(Really, this is one where I think we dogs have it figured out. We don't need much to be happy - just the company of the ones we love, a warm safe place to sleep, and food.)

1. Let the little things go.
(But I like to guard!!!)

2. More frequent trips to Orvis and Brrr Mont.
(Momma, I sure hope you are paying attention because I need your help with this one.)

3. Less sock/hat/panty raiding. 
(If Momma helped me with Resolution #2 then Resolution #3 would take care of itself, duh!)

Finally, I leave you with a short video of me enjoying one of my pawesome Christmas pressies, and big giant dog bed from Orvis (see Resolution #2). It's big enough for Momma to cuddle on it with me. 


Mango said...

Biggie -
Glad to see you back in action. I think you carry off that New Year's bling with style. A he guy like you can get away with pink, no problem.

My Momma has been on a raw diet for a week and she says she feels fantastic! Tell your mom to pee-mail her if she wants more info.

We're exploring a raw diet for me again, but I don't think Master will ever go for it.


Lindsay said...

Hey those are some good resolutions. I am thinking about starting Ace on a raw diet soon, so I will go to you for advice.

jan said...

Totally love your hats. We may make you an honorary Poodle. Tee hee.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Stanislaw said...

That bed makes you look small! How can that be? It's probably the size of my humans' sofa!

Happy 2009 to you!

Biggie-Z said...

Mango, what Master doesn't know won't hurt him, especially if he is not making the food. That's how I guilted Momma into giving me raw. Though even P-Daddy became convinced and even helped out a bit after he saw how unhappy I was on kibble (and a little chubby) and how excited I was to go back to raw.

As for getting Momma on raw, dog, she could use it! I have been trying to share with her and telling her how yummy it is (P-Daddy makes the best yogurt-and-fish oil), but she won't eat it.

Oh well, more for me.

Biggie-Z said...

Lindsay, I'd be happy to share my raw knowledge!

Misty - do poodles like hats?

Stan, that bed is about 3 feet by 4-1/2 feet, almost the size of the first dining table my humans bought! I like to scrunch up on it and make myself teeny like when I was a puppy - but you can get a sense of how big it is by comparing it to the red chaise next to it.

Mango said...

Hey Biggie!
I hear you mom has been giving my mom "tips" on how to conduct walkies. I don't like it. I mean, mom is interesting and everything, but better than sniffing poles and hydrants for about 20 minutes each? And if I didn't pull, how would I ever get her to walk fast enough to actually get exercise?

Next time, try to intercept your mom's educational posts to say, labradudes should walk as often and as fast as they want with no regard to anything but their noses.


P.S. From Momma - We will be trying out your walkie tips. Dex will just have to grin and bear it.

Anonymous said...

Fashion tips?

I'd probably order an ANSI rated outfit from Carhartts or something - but then again I have NO fashion sense whatsoever! ANSI - hi visibility gear usually in hurt-your-eyes lime green with big reflective stripes on it. Not fashionable in the least, but I spent time commuting by bicycle. Anything that raises my life expectancy is worth it!

As for the dog, no gear is needed. Just have a couple enormous towels waiting right inside the door to towel him off. If they are putting salts and de-icers down, make sure his paws get a good washing. My guy never liked the rain (preferred snow, naturally) but would not let that stop him from walking.

Hmmmm - maybe heated towels would be a good idea if he comes back with snow/ice stuck in his fur.
Tres chic - no?

Currently Dogless

Kess And Her Mama said...

I think the new header picture is great. Very artistic indeed. Great resolutions! Keep at it.

Saint Lover said...

Biggie you are such a ham. I love your New Years photos!

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you're such a cutey pie!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow, Biggie, you are very tolerant with all those things on your head. The Girl says you would look pawsome in a cowboy hat. I say, better you than me, my furend.

I hope your Momma helps you out with those resolutions, they're pretty good ones.

That bed is huge! I could take my share out of almost any part of it!

brown dog kisses,

stylepup said...

Nice resolutions Biggie! If you could talk to my little guy Charlie about the sock raiding thing, I would greatly appreciate it ;)

Pacco de Mongrel said...

u looks so funky in those lovely hats

i hope all your new year resolution come true

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Happy new year to you as well - and great photo shoot : )

with love, Madison said...

We haven't been here for awhile and boy, we LOVE your header photo! It is so cool and artistic! Madison wants that pink hat desperately. It looks very nonchalant and arty. Do you think it would perch between her ears, because that is a big issue, as you can imagine. We love you Biggie!

Huck said...

Hey Bigz- Mama's watching Top Chef and there's a KUVASZ on it! All the chefs are checking out ingredients on a farm and when they show a shot of the sheep, there's a Kuvasz guarding them!

Lindsay said...

I'm trying to eat healthier myself, and I just can't help but think of how much better off Ace would be on a raw diet. It seems like a lot of work, but you've always said it's not so bad. I'll email you sometime about it. I'll probably wait another month or so to start.

Is it bad that I am going to keep my cats on plain old kibble?

Georgeous said...

Happy New year Biggie! You are such a fun dog, especially in pink! But who's gonna argue eh? My Mum used to make her last Rottie wear a bit of pink or purple, no one said a thing!
Love George

Anonymous said...

How big is Biggie ???

the 4 Bs said...

hey Biggie, that's one COMFY LOOKING dog bed.

we like your new years resolutions. we think our mom should have the same ones that your mom has. we dogs know what's important and NOT important in life.


tatumtot said...

yay for the new year and you are sure pretty!

Esther said...

Lol! I could NEVER get my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup to sit still for such a shooting! No, they all have to be natural... Thankfully for us, she loves to pose, so photoshooting (for the blog) is never a problem.
Found you blog from That Mutt. Nice!
Warm greetings from West Africa,