Friday, June 27, 2008

WTF? (updated)

Since Biggie got...  well, BIG, random people don't usually talk to us while we're walking. This evening, however, we saw a domicile-challenged -- or at least controlled-substances-addicted man -- sitting next to the butcher's garbage bin on our sidewalk. I was not wearing my typical WimseyWear(tm) (or is that "Biggie Chic"?) which usually deters any odd comments since I look a little domicile-challenged myself. Instead, I still had work clothes on. 

The conversation, as I walked past, not breaking stride, Biggie in a perfect heel next to me:

Odd Man: You still look gorgeous!

Me: ...Thanks. (Am I really at that age where the only compliments I'm going to get on my appearance are from crazy dudes? Really?? Because that sort of sucks.)

OM: And I still want that dog!

Me: heh... (You would not know how to handle a kuvasz)

OM: Or even half that dog!


OM: How 'bout just the tail? That's good eatin'!


UPDATE: On the late night walk, Biggie and P-Daddy run into a guy who looks like he's a resident at one of the neighborhood halfway houses. He calls out, "Hey Biggie!" (yes, Biggie has a fan club of people we don't even know). Biggie starts growling, P-Daddy reins him in. Halfway House Guy says, "He must not recognize me because I just got a haircut." HHG pulls off his hat, revealing a pretty average-looking (i.e. not short) 'fro. And no, Biggie did not suddenly go up to him going, "Of course! It's YOU!" He just stood there at attention, though he did stop growling. 


Petey said...

Hi Biggie Z!

I'm Petey, a friend of Mango's. I also live in NYC so I've met more than my fair share of OMs and OLs but none have wanted to eat my tail!!! Maybe because I'm a little squirt. My cat and I have caught a mouse in the apartment and our Mom was not pleased either. Pretty dumb mouse to come into an apartment with a cat and a ratter!

Have a great weekend! Dog run time!!!

Your pal,


Lindsay said...

Haha! That old man is crazy.

Huck said...

Maybe the man is jealous bc he doesn't have his own tail to chase! I believe mine is yummy but I have yet to catch it and taste it! heehee. And Mom had such high hopes for me after reading about how AMAZING Cousin Biggie is with babies blahblahblah... She is still upset with me bc I was a "badboy". whatever...

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

That is pretty fun. "catch me and then you can have me!" We have lots of the domicile-challenged as well (of course, if you were without a permanent roof, wouldn't YOU want to live where it's almost always in the 80's? or in, say ... Chicago?) Booker actually veers toward them, figuring, I think, that if they are passed out, their leftovers and pint are easy game!

Paula said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'd like to tell you I think your blog is truly EXCELLENT. I'm just now reading the entire thing. Very informative, but also amusing. As for this post, so funny, and so sad at the same time...

Georgeous said...

OMD, is that how some Doggies have little short waggies? I'm gonna be alert about this, maybe carry extra sausage on my walks, just in case I have to do some kind of tail deal.
Love 'n' snuffs

babyphat523 said...

YIKES! That old man is loony toons for sure. Pay him no mind. :)

Wimsey said...

Doesn't every NYC dog have a fan club with whom their primary humans are unaware? When Maria or Elizabeth are walked by me there are always people coming up they don't know.


Mango said...

Biggie - You are so brave to walk around the big city and not eat those people who talk to your momma. NOBODY talks to my momma when I am out on walkies.

He wants your tail?

Are you staying cool?


Saint Lover said...

As long as Brutus or Rufus are alone people will come talk to them and want loves... but together its another story. But no one has ever wanted to eat them or their tails... Bizarre!

Biggie-Z said...

Hi Petey - We never made it to the dog run or the park this weekend - it kept pouring buckets and making my humans run inside.

Huck - tails are great, aren't they? I was so bored today my mom got me to chase my tail a little.

Booker - yes, I often look for disgusting leavings, too. But sometimes the domicile-challenged are so far out of it they are a little odd and then I hafta guard my mom from them!

Georgeous, I think you are big enough and tough enough to defend your own tail!

Chris & Mackenzie said...

How utterly RANDOM!

Biggie-Z said...

Wimsey - for a while last summer when I was still teeny, I think there were some drug dealers on our block who liked me. Luckily they moved to a different block.

Mango - my mom makes sure I'm not too hungry when I'm on my walkies. Otherwise everything starts to look like chicken.

SaintLover - that is strange, because just one of you is plenty big already!