Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Momma Eats Dog Food!

That's not an insult, really. 

My raw diet is all human grade and so my people won't starve because they can always eat my food. Funny, they stock the freezer full of my food and their refrigerator has 3 kinds of barbecue sauce, 6 kinds of mustard, 2 jars of capers, and lots of other condoms, but no real food! My staples are chicken leg quarters in 10-lb. bulk packs and fish bones for stock and soup. Both are $0.99/lb. which is my parents say is pretty darn good for New Dork City prices. My Momma says this is going to keep her cooking at home more and ordering in less since I eat healthier than she does and she could, theoretically, in a pinch, "whip something up" with my chicken. (And she has done that exactly once since I started my raw diet a year ago.) My fish bones are usually just that - whitefish carcasses after they've taken the fillets off - pieces of big crunchy bone with some whitefish flesh on it. Even so, I lurrrve it.

But today's grocery delivery from Fresh Direct really takes the dog biscuit!!  Tonight, my fish packages were all sopping and leaky and squishy. And Momma opened them and this is what she saw:

The Fish Fairy decided to send me sushi-grade tuna, salmon and white fish! It was firm and fresh and sweet-smelling and was just beautiful. The tuna usually sells for almost $20 a pound but because they seem to be trimmed ends of filets they sent them to me for $0.99 a pound instead. And no weight in bones - it was all these jewel-like nuggets of meat, each one the size of a baby's fist. My Momma started babbling about grilled fish kebabs and she would hardly let me snack on any of the fish as she was putting it away. Now she is asking her cooking friends for ideas for cooking this fish. 

Momma: I have A GREAT IDEA: How about an all-you-can-eat sushi bar for Biggie? Hunh? The recipe is real simple: 

1 Biggie

Place 1-2 pounds of fish in large metal bowl. Add 1 Biggie. 

Easy, right?


Mango said...

Biggie! I am drooling. Even though I got a nice bone last night, Mom and Master are still nervous about giving me raw food. Apparently they fed beautiful Raja raw beef (the good stuff, not hamburger) and she got WORMS! Yuckster!

I think I could adapt your fishy recipie to suite me.


Anonymous said...

We are soooo jealous. The little tidbit of Thai food we managed to sneak last night does not compare to that glorious mound of fish.

~ PeterPan and Victor

Mango said...

Hey Biggie! Its me, Dexter! Hope you are getting hosed down a lot. I get the cold shoulder when I am wet, too. All I here is, "get away from me you wet labradude." What's up with that?


babyphat523 said...

Holy moly Biggie, your mum has hit a gold mine! Sushi grade fish! Humminah humminah... A little wasabi in between bites and you are good to go.

Thanks so much for visiting us, we're practically neighbors!

xo :)

babyphat523 said...

Hey again, yup we are up in CT. We're downtowners, (West Village) but we have to stay in the country since we can't walk with her on paved roads for a whole year, bad for her giant growing bones joints. (Chumley was named after the defunct speakeasy on Bedford and Morton was named after the street he grew up on. :) Sorry for the confusion.