Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I coulda been a contender, Part 2

T-Bone that other blogging kuvasz is showing me up. He's already catchign prey and he's just a baby! My mom is not paying enough attention to me, she is always like all "Biggie you be quiet" and "relax" when I try to guard her in the apartment, and she spends all this time at the computer looking at pictures of T-Bone and complaining about how my fur isn't as soft anymore and I shed too much and stuff.

So this morning I decided to one-up T-Bone. First of all, I showed my mom that I can walk through a cloud of pigeons and not chase them. She didn't even have to say "leave it" because I just left them. It was sort of fun to watch them fly away when I walked up. But I dind't want my mom to think I'm just slow or anything (Ok, fine, so I'm a little slow at catching my Fluffy Man. Half the time it just bounces off my face. But that's cuz I meant to do that. Really.) Anyway, so we were coming home from my morming walk and in the hallway of MY floor I saw something move.

Mind you I had just walked 2 miles round trip AND wrestled and played in the dog run, but this was ... A LITTLE MOUSE! IN MY HALLWAY!

So my mom starts screaming (yes, she has a Ph.D. in biology, but she was screaming.* She can handle any kind of bug or spider but she can't do mice or rats, go figure. If there was a chair she would have jumped on it,) while holding my leash and so clearly if my mom is screaming I need to do soemthing about it so I decided to show her that I can POUNCE and catch stuff just as well as T-Bone. So I pounced on the mouse and then let it go and pounced on it and let it go and then I jumped on it again and it kept running to get away, so I chased it down and tasted it a little but it was all squirmy so I let it go and that is when it scrabbled under the door and INTO MY APARTMENT. FINALLY my mom stopped screaming.

(Epilogue: We went in the apartment and the dumb mouse was still running around and I got my leash off and chased it and it ran behind the radiator or something. But I'll be ready next time my mom starts screaming "hantavirus" and "humane Biggie-proof traps")

*Ed. note: At least 51% of the screaming was, "Biggie, NOOOOOO!"


T-Bone said...

Oh Biggie, you make me so proud. This is why you are my mentor. I think mice would be tougher to catch than lazy Robin's! What you need is a feline friend to help you. My mom gave me 2 and they are awesome to trap, they have more girth to them.

Woofs and butt shakes,

Anonymous said...

Biggie - that's awesome! I once caught a mouse myself on a walk when it ran across my path and I somehow ended up with it in my mouth. But I totally understand about spitting it out. I only gave it one good chew before it let out this horrid "SQUEEK" and I dropped it in surprise! My mouse was luckier, though - he ran away into some grass instead of into my house where I would have had to HUNT HIM DOWN!


Huck said...

Wow go Biggie! I get all serious and stalk any bugs that come into my house or creep on my deck (the cockroaches are the size of mice!). I do that pouncing routine too! But my mom likes for me to kill bugs. She's too scared to do it herself. Funny thing is: Tom the silly shihpoo is LEARNING how to pounce on bugs too! Maybe he has some terrier in him like me?

Saint Lover said...

Biggie you must keep the little mickeys away from the momma...

My lot wont chase mice but they sure do love to dig up and chase moles.