Friday, November 4, 2011


My blog has been hijacked. Come to think of it, my life has been hijacked. But being a dog there isn't much I can do about it. I just accept my new role. There's a new sheriff in town and her name is Keilani.

I had been asking for a puppy o my own but Momma and P-Daddy decided to make a human puppy instead. It's taken 2 long years, because there were 3 false starts in between that had Momma and P-Daddy very sad. Also during that time they remade my den and we had to live in a teeny shoebox while Momma got bigger and bigger. As Momma got bigger and bigger, my walkies got shorter and shorter.

Like I said, my life has been HIKACKED.

Even Momma and P-Daddy have been hijacked by The Little Dictator. Nobody eats until The Little Dictator eats. Nobody gets walkies unless The Little Dictator says it's ok. If The Little Dictator barks, everyone (including me) rushes to take care of her. I never got such attention when I bark.

On the plus side, Momma is home a lot more (like, all day every day!!!!), and the grandmas and lots of other favorite people have been visiting me and petting me. So maybe having a little dictator around might not be such a bad thing.

Also, it's been pretty nice, momma and p-daddy sent me to camp last week to give me a break from my guarding duties. Even working dogs need a break sometimes. Momma said when I'm at camp she is going to use my blog to talk about The Little Dictator. See, she's got everyone in line already! And she seems so little and harmless! Clearly I must get on her good side so she can demand some things for me too. This picture show our relative stature in the household now.

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Bolo said...

WOW Biggie! Congratulations on your new Puppy!

Let me know if you need pointers on taking care of it. My Puppy is 2 years old now, so I feel I can give some good advice. Like protect your tail.


brooke said...

Congratulations! She looks pretty small to be a dictator! :)

Mango said...

That sure is big news. I have to say that guarding Puppy is the perfect job for you.