Saturday, November 5, 2011

Travel disruption #1

We encountered our first travel snafu as we were trying to leave London for Manchester. Due to some overhead wire damage (we think) our Virgin train to Manchester was canceled. We had first class tickets, but had to hustle our asses and luggage and baby and stroller over to a different train station and wedge our way onto an overcrowded train on a different train line, where we will have to change trains in Sheffield. It's a good thing we got to the train station early - had we arrived to take our non-operative train we would have missed the last train to Manchester. S is angry and discombobulated; I look at it as a chance to experience the craziness of a poorly-planned backpacking trip that I missed in my 20s. Then again, he is standing with our suitcases between cars, while I found a seat. Of course, if I were in my 20s I would not have a screaming baby with me either....

And on another note - while I am not militantly pro or con breastfeeding, I'm really, really, REALLY thankful that I chose to breastfeed and stuck with it. Because no one likes a screaming infant on an overcrowded, standing-room-only train, and ramming a boob in her mouth is a good way to keep her quiet. I just hope she puts up with a dirty diaper at least until we get to Sheffield. Sorry baby.

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Shane Kent Louis said...

You really love traveling, your such an adventurous dogs, and I hope you do have fun on your trip! :)

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