Friday, September 26, 2008

Tub Time = Bonding Time!

Hi everybody. I'm back from camp. Sorry for the last few Stream-of-Kuvaszness posts. Since I was posting from camp, Momma wasn't around to edit and proof like she usually does. Instead she was having a break from "her boyz" as she calls us - P-Daddy was away doing his business again and I was doing my business in the woods in Pencil-Vain-Ya - and Momma was all like, "Now I get to go to the gym and go work out and eat healthy meals and don't have P-Daddy's alarm going off 5 times and keeping me up." I had such a great time playing with my new friends that I came back really tired. 

No, I mean REALLY tired. See... 

I also came back from camp a little smelly. I had a scabby neck thing that was a skin reaction to too much Frontline on my neck (Srsly, P-Daddy, my shoulders are pretty far away from my neck, but thanks for trying!) and the scabs were finally coming off, and then I'd been rolling around in dirt with a wet slobbery neck for four days and then I played in the dog run with all my long lost friends and, well, you know. Next thing you know I go get some petting from Momma and she is always jumping up and washing her hands. 

So today Momma decided Enough was Enough and after my evening walk she tried to sneak me into the bathroom while I was still on my leash. Uh uh, no way Momma. Time to pull a Gandhi! Momma got the super smelly liver treats and super stinky dried salmon treats and coaxed me into the bathroom. Ok, Momma, I will sit next to the tub and eat IQ treats from the edge if you really really want me to. 

Oh no! Momma, you dropped all those pieces of IQ treats IN the empty tub! If you just give me a little help over the edge I'll go clean them up for you. 

Ohhhhh, the things I do for you, Momma. 

Momma's Note: We think Biggie secretly likes his baths. This bath was a breakthrough because he pretty much went into the tub on his own, and stayed there while I left the room to get towels and plastic containers to pour water on him. He refrained from shaking until we said "ok" and stood patiently for each paw to be picked up and scrubbed, and really seemed to enjoy the shampooing process. The pictures of the face washing are after the rest of him was clean - the tub was already emptied 4 times of dirty dark gray water. (The pictures at the top of this post are pre-bath.) 


Georgeous said...

Hey Biggie, looks like you really enjoyed camp! Wish i could try it, I think I'd worry that I'd been abandoned again?
It's great you like bathtime, I've had a bath and quite liked it, especially roaching around after to get meany's nice smells off my back and from behind my ears.
Nice to see you back to normal, hope your mumma had a nice time away too.
Love George

Saint Lover said...

Welcome home from Camp Biggie! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and had lots of fun.

Stanislaw said...

A bath doesn't seem like a good welcome home from camp to me! Although salmon and liver treats certainly do... My humans' puppy, Wile E., used to LOVE bathes and would splash about and play. Me on the other hand, I like all that stinkifying before bath time. Dirt is awesome! What's the fun in being sweet smelling?

Lindsay said...

Haha! That video is great. Aw, they're so good when they're tired.

the 4 Bs said...

hi Biggie, we love that video of you being too tired to play. that's a great feeling, isn't it pal?

we saw a kuvasz at the dog park today. he played with us too! he was a big fella and for a few minutes we thought he was you, but then we remembered that you live far far far far away.

we like the way that your mom gets into the tub with you. our mom stays on the outside of the tub when she washes us. at the end, she is as wet as we are!


Mango said...

Nice manners in the tub, big guy. You must have had fun to get so super dirty.

My Master piles things on top of me too when I am trying to meditate. You did the right thing, just ignore all that silliness.


Biggie-Z said...

Stanislaw and Big Pupi - the fun in being sweet-smelling is that all the humans give you lots of hugging and petting and cuddling and they let you lean on 'em and stuff. That sure beats them running away or petting you with 1 finger or going "eeeeuwww! you stink!"

4Bs, I would love to play with the likes of you - you look like a lot of fun! I'm so excited you got to meet and play with a kuvasz. I guess he's still young enough to be playful and he wasn't too guardy?

Snuggles and play bows, Biggie