Monday, September 8, 2008

Should Biggie get a kitten? (NEW POLL)

(For those of you with really bad eyesight or dirty monitors, that's an Italian Greyhound, not a kitten, being chased by Biggie. But it was the closest I could find.)

We have a mouse problem. They are getting bolder and bolder. Biggie clumsily chases the mice across the hardwood floor ... when he wakes up enough to notice them. He's also lonely during the day, so we've been thinking about another pet/playmate for him.

He's gentle and curious (but respectful) with full grown cats and other animals, and he liked Peter the bunny rabbit, so we think he might like an animal playmate. We've had full grown dogs and a cat before, but we had the cat first, and he was full grown by the time we got the pups, so we're wondering how a young dog + kitten might work?

Clarification: We have been talking about a puppy/kitten for several months, but haven't started thinking seriously about it until recently. Biggie does have a strong prey drive, but it's mainly to chase.

Please vote to the right and comment!


Peanut said...

We got a kitten when Peanut was still a puppy. Those two got along great. In fact the cat ran the household. She would go up to Peanut and stand up and put her front paws on his face and he would just lie down. She got Flash to do this also once we got him. She got out at my mother in laws house when we were moving and we never found her. I think it could work. Peanut doesn't like Shelby but Shelby was full grown when we got him and he was never around dogs. So they barely tolerate each other but Peanut has never tried to hurt him.

T-Bone said...

T-BONE LOVES his furry cats, now they are full grown and I wouldn't say LOVE him, but they certainly get along. They definitely keep him active though, our hardwood is proof of that!!! Go for it.

B's Dad said...

If the kitten is accepted by you, i suspect Biggie's accepting the kitten won't be an issue. Now if you could teach the kitten to walk Biggie, you'd be set.

Love this blog -- lots of info for the new to Kuvasz crowd. . .. :)

Mango said...

Biggie - I voted even though I'm not sure what breed of dog a kitten is.


Lindsay said...

Yes you should get a kitten. But not if your only reason is for it to catch mice. You should get one because you want one. I think Biggie would love a playmate. He and a kitten would probably get along well.

I got Ace after I already had a cat. The cat was kind of annoyed but they get along fine.

Saint Lover said...

That is a really tough question and would depend entirely on his prey drive. Good luck in your decision. I know I can't have a cat at my house with the saints. Their prey drive is too high.

Huck said...

A buddy for Biggie would probably be great! Dogs are pack animals and Biggie especially loves to guard and protect others. A little friend may help with his addle less sense. Huck has Tom to pester now and not us! It's great!

Katafer said...

Dogs get along so well with cats - especially when you bring them (the cat) in as a kitten, and it doesn't know that its supposed to be scared of dogs. I think Biggie would be a great big bro to a lil' mouser. Can't wait to see the pictures of them snuggling together!