Friday, September 19, 2008

Diary of a Kenneled Kuv (Day 1)

Boo! Suck. It's Monday. Hit the snooze, Momma. It's still dark out.
What? Why am I getting dinner before my walkies? Mmm. Smells good. But the only time I ever get dinner before my walkies is if something really really exciting happens. 
oo oo oo too excited to eat 
huh? Momma's taking me to the dog run
Wow!!! Auntie Fran who lives across the hall is here and she's petting me!!! AWESOME!!!!  
What??? Aw shucks I just got here Momma. Why do we have to leave now? And why are you running?? At least I got to make a poopy and check pee mail. 
Who is this man and car here? oo oo oo smells interesting in here. 
Hey. Man is coming over to Momma and talking to her. She smells excited. Or nervous or something. But Momma told me to sit. I don't know, I think Man is making Momma nervous. But she gave him treats to give me. MMM TREAT! But she wants me to sit but I really want to guard her. OH NO HE'S REACHING OVER THE TOP OF MY HEAD AND PETTING ME ON THE TOP OF THE HEAD AND I DO NOT LIKE THAT! GRRRRRR GRRRRR GRRRR MOMMA LET ME GET HIM PLEASE, STOP MAKING ME SIT. GRRRR GRRRR.  WAIT! MAN STILL HAS TREATS IN HIS HAND!!! HE'S BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME!! IF I KEEP MY BUTT ON THE GROUND I --- JUST --- MIGHT --- REACH --- AHA!!! IF I GRAB FOR THEM HE GETS SCARED AND DROPS THE TREAT ON THE GROUND. 

Momma! Why can't I eat the treats? He dropped them on the ground for me. :(

Hm. interesting. Man is moving crates out of back of car, something about crate is "too small." Too small for what?  Hey look more treats in the car! what a coincidence. It smells like lots of -- hey, hi doggies! I didn't see you in that crate. hi!!!!! I'm Biggie who are you wanna play?? oh boy this toy smells really good. What, Momma you want me to go where??
--hey, Man is lifting me up?! Momma doesn't smell scared. ok I'll go check it out for just a minute, ok? 
oof! how --? what the ?? huh? MommaI'malittlesmooshedinhere.

ok. This barn smells like doggies. Oh look I have my own dog run! And it goes outside! and then it goes into an even bigger dog run!

What do you mean I'm supposed to stay inside right now? I want out! There's too many things to smell!

Hm. Lets see this door can't be too hard. Maybe if I pull it this way... and then do this... and... Excellent! outside in my little private run! 

Oh HIIIIII!!! I'm Biggie who are you? Hi Carol you smell like doggies so you must be ok will you pet me? Where's my Momma? Ahhhh. I like your petting. Hi Lucca you are little but you sure are cute, let's play chase in the big dog run! hmmm? What's this fencing here? Maybe if I pull it I can get out and go look for Momma. She must be around here somewhere. Huh? what? Treats? Play? Dinner? Food? Ok, I'll open the fence later. 
Dinner! Yeah! Chicken?check. Veggies?check. Yogurt?check. Salmon oil?check. Tastes like Momma's cooking. Momma where are you? Maybe tomorrow I'll make a hole in the big fence and check out the sheepies and look for Momma. But right now, I think. I. Am. Tired. Maybe. Just.




Kess And Her Mama said...

What a hilarious post. I love Biggie's one-way conversation. Can't wait to hear abt Day 2.

mylime said...

Hahaha bless him! Great post :-D

Georgeous said...

Hey Biggie, whats happening big man? Is this new day care??? Sounds like a great adventure, don't worry about Mumma, she loves you and will recall.
Something on my site for you.
Love George

the 4 Bs said...

hi Biggie, where are you? did you go to a boarding place? where is your mumma? well, it sounds like you're doing okay, so we won't worry.


Lindsay said...

Well sounds like he enjoyed himself for the most part! Ha.

The Fez Monkey said...

Hey, Big.

Nice blog-thingie. My dogs are jealous that I haven't pimped them out like pre-adolescent Thai girls, but then I have at least a small modicum of integrity.

Nice to have heard from you. Feel free to email if you have the guts.

Ook ook

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Biggie, you are a brave brave dog. Sounds like they were having you "taken away!" Glad it's not permanent ... Booker escaped his "doggie daycare" fate because grandma-the-sandwich-hoarder decided that she would babysit him all day. H-Mom couldn't even THINK about it, she just let Man-Dad make the decision and went with the flow. The good news is that everyone survived!