Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back from Brrr Mont!

And boy are we tired! (As you can see, I get tired a lot in Brrr Mont but I'm a little too big to fit in the coffee table now.)

We had a long weekend celebrating P-Daddy's birdday and the USA birdday (although I always thought the BIG birdday came in November). It was great, because I got to play baby puppy with Mommy, which I love to do. 

People usually think since I am such a large boy that I'm a grown up dog, but really I am just a puppy still. My sister Spirit just got her CANINE GOOD CITIZEN and she is off competing in beauty contests all over the place and winning them! Congratulations, Spirit! Me, I am working on my Canine BAD Citizen. I have all sorts of Addled Less Sense going on, and even while I get better at some things, I "forget" others. On July 4th we went to the Beach and P-Daddy remarked how there is only a 1-letter difference between being a "pet" and a "pest." I was being the latter. So much so that I lost my off-leash privileges for a while. There were so many children I didn't know who to play with first, and so I ran up to them to see who would play with me. They got scared. One girl got so scared when I came up to her that she grabbed her daddy right by the you know whats. Her daddy yelled really loud and everybody else was laughing, I don't know exactly what was going on there...

Then this boy was going to play with me and I was standing right in front of him and he threw a thing over my head for me to chase. So I turned around to chase it and --- oops --- knocked him over with my butt. Luckily he was ok and his parents were ok with it. Then some other kids were collecting salamanders in a bucket and I had to see what was up (and drink some salamander tea). Then I chased a jogger, and there were NO dogs to play with. Mommy and P-Daddy brought the camera but they didn't even take it out once because they were trying to make me behave. There were just too many people and not enough dogs. 

We went back to the beach the next day, really early, and I played with a bunch of dogs including a Brrrnese Mountain Dog that made me look little, and a little dog named Max who looked like a little black fox and who came from a place where someone named Katrina had made a terrible mess. Max looks a lot happier in Brrr Mont and we played and ran all over the place. 

And then... TODAY WE WENT ON THE MOUNTAIN! And I have to say that little T-Bone is quite an inspiration. We smelled some flowers, we got caught in a little thunderstorm, and then we found a lovely mud pool. T-Bone, little grasshoppah, let me show you how it is done:

Step 1: Safety first: Test the depth of the mud puddle before jumping in.

Step 2: See if some gentle digging makes it deeper. 

Step 3: If the puddle is appropriately-sized, you can put all 4 paws and snout in. And start playing. I think the rest of these pictures are self-explanatory. 


Our glossy white coats show really dark mud the best. The contrast is really quite striking.

Spirit, good luck next weekend! Your dirty white boy brother sends lots of love your way.  (P.S. Maybe a mud bath would be a good beauty treatment for you before your next show?)


T-Bone said...

This is why you are the master! Looking good, I really liked your mud splashing technique. I am going to try to incorporate it into my routine!


Petey said...

Biggie, you forgot the most important part—the bellyflop! Ahhh, it's the best. And then perhaps a nice roll from side to side.

Warning: these activities could result in the dreaded B-A-T-H.

Your pal in puddles,


Mango said...

That mud looks like it made the whole trip worthwhile. I'm a big fan of puddle splashing too.

Sorry you were a pest. I think I've been a pest too because momma hasn't walked me for a few days (something about being tired of dealing with my hugeness).


Nessa said...

Looks like you had fun!

I nominated you for this month's Awesome Blog Award. Good luck!

Saint Lover said...

Whoa Biggie! You really got dirty dude. I bet you had soo much fun. Rufus says that getting muddy is one of the best things about being a big dog.

Hope you all enjoyed your mini-cation.

Huck said...

One chocolate dipped Kuvasz coming right up!

Biggie you look so satisfied in the last pic. "Ahhh that was so good. We can go now, Mom."

Chris & Mackenzie said...

It always starts with a paw...then a scratch...then a dig...then another thing you know you're saying 'aw heck with it' and jumping in with them! :)


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

You certainly are a pretty boy! I'll bet you had fun playing in the watery mud. LOL

Levi's mom

Biggie-Z said...

T-BONE - YOU are the inspiration! I would never have dreamed of getting so dirty if I hadn't seen you do it first.

PETEY - I will have to try the belly flop next time! I'm more of a digger and splasher in wet stuff usually.

MANGO - That is so UNFAIR. You cannot help being relentlessly huge. Hope you get some walkies soon.

Biggie-Z said...

NESSA - Such an honor just to be nominated! Thanks!!

SAINTS - I'm sort of bummed about being back from mini-cation. The air conditioner is cooler than the mud, but not nearly as much fun.

HUCK - We think Biggie was clowning for us. We were laughing so much when he was splashing and making a mess, and he was looking at our reaction and then going and digging some more.

CHRIS & MACKENZIE - If you can't find a pond, a mud puddle will do just fine.

LEVI'S MOM - Thanks! I think I'm pretty too. Sometimes too pretty, which is why the mud is good.

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

Mud puddles are definately better when you are all WHITE! It's all about the contrast ...

Biggie-Z said...

BOOKER - I totally agree! My fur is like a blank canves for inspirational splashing.

Hugo said...

Hello Biggie Z! Man do I love your blog! You're really lucky that you were able to play in those puddles and dig like that, that's one of my favorite things to do. Me - i'm a half kuvasz/half great pyrenees, 6 months old already, city boy like you in mom thinks I look more like a Kuvasz than a GP and from seeing you she may be right! Keep up the good posts!

Georgeous said...

Oh Biggie, it makes me soOo happy to find a friend that has NO idea of his size and is naieve about his 'pe(s)t doings'.
I'm on your side bruv!
Love George

Lindsay said...

Wow, you had a great trip! I especially love the mud pictures. I'm sure your mom and dad had a lot of fun cleaning you up after that! Ha!