Saturday, March 15, 2008


So Mommy has been doing her business all over the country for the last three weeks and then even when she was in New York she ABANDONED me for TWO WHOLE DAYS!! (It's called an all-nighter, Biggie, and it was no fun for me either.) It was terrible. And also I fired my dog walker, Roger. I decided I would rather hold my potty and do my business with Mommy or P-Daddy and if Roger doesn't come in the middle of the day, Mommy and P-Daddy come home earlier. Plus, I'm turning into a big boy and I don't need a walker any more.

Something strange is happening here in Vermont. Big pieces of snow and ice are falling off the roof and the giant pile of snow on my play deck has turned into a thin covering of smushy, creaky snow. I finally made Mommy edit my video but it took her a while to put music on it to cover up all her dumb comments and snickering when I ran up to her. Also she says she doesn't always dress like that but she was grabbing the first clothes she could to get outside. Don't believe her. That's how she dresses when she walks me. It's terribly embarrassing. When she goes to work she looks totally different. I told her Bruce Wayne dresses well whether he's Batman or Bruce Wayne, but she doesn't listen to me that way. So the other night because I was lonely I pulled some of her pretty summer dresses of a shelf and made a nest of them. Mommy said it's still too cold to wear them.

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