Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swimming Pool Construction

Biggie is fascinated by water - to drink but mainly to play in. So in the past he gets his drinking water from a little slurp bottle attached to his exercise pen, or he gets frequent, small amounts in a bowl so if he spills, it's not so messy.

This morning he seemed SO thirsty I gave him more water in his water bowl than usual. And he decided to build a swimming pool: first he spilled the bowl, and then he splashed around in the BIG puddle. Apparently he wanted more than 1/4" to swim in, because he then started "digging" at the hardwood floor.

Finally, I had to clean it up, which involved calling Biggie out of the "pool" in his ex-pen, shutting the door, and leaning over the edge with a mop to wipe up all the water. Biggie thought this was hilarious fun too, and ran around the outside of the pen chasing the mop.

I think it's time this weekend to introduce him to a real pond or lake. We'll see how it goes.

1 comment:

Clare said...

He's just taking after his Mama Ona! You just wait until he OUT-SWIMS You!!! Of course, you will be able to get dry lots quicker than Mr. Furball! Hugs!