Sunday, August 12, 2007

Biggie in Vermont

11 weeks; Ball Mountain Dam, Jamaica, Vermont.


Anonymous said...

Such an adorable puppy! Victor and PeterPan send a long-distance "woof" in your direction and can't wait to play!

Emily, Tyler & Huck said...

This is my favorite picture--very sweet: Biggie and Mom.
We can't wait to see Biggie again! He is def. 2xs (or more) the size he was when we helped with his "puppy express" journey! We just adopted a 2 yr. old 20 lb. terrier mix, had him for one week now. His name is Huck. I just found out on one of our walks in the park that Huck LOVES water--he and Biggie could have a swim/play date! The local river is our favorite spot.
Love the blog with pics and video clips. We have some pics of Huck up on facebook.