Sunday, August 5, 2007

Biggie is a playa...

It is amazing how much attention a Kuvasz puppy - especially a happy, well-socialized and well-behaved one - can get even in New York City. Biggie has 2 doggie girlfriends so far and a fan club of domicile-challenged folks who seem to hang around outside our building at all hours and call his name. Thankfully, the awful humid heat here in the city has broken, and we finally have our windows open for the first time in a month. Walks are much easier now and we are all happier and mellower as a result. As I write this, Biggie is lying on the tile floor of our kitchen against the freezer drawer of our refrigerator, which makes me think that the freezer seal is probably old and leaky. Or it might be because this is where the magical ice toys come from.

So Biggie's 2 girlfriends are both older ladies. He doesn't let the age difference get in the way of his relationship with either of them:

Zola - his first love, a 5-month old, 30-lb mix. She looks a little bit like a mini-Viszla (another Hungarian breed); her vet thinks she has some pit bull, some German Shepherd and some other things in her. They think she'll get to 50 lbs. Every time they see each other they kiss, mouth, embrace, and find a way to play even while on leash. Biggie is always ecstatic to see her, and watches dejectedly as she is led away for her walk. Whether it's been a few hours or a few days since they've last seen each other, the reunion is always a joyous occasion. When they first met, Biggie could run under her; tonight, they are almost the same height.

Mata - (full name Mata Hari) Like her namesake, Mata is mysteriously attractive to Biggie. He is not sure whether she is a mother figure or a girlfriend yet. She is 92 lbs, 2-1/2 years old, and a bull mastiff/boxer mix. Mata is, as some would say, a dom top. According to Danny, Mata "rules the dog run with an iron paw." He is Ashton to Mata's Demi. Biggie wisely gets out of her way when she comes running along with one of his toys in her mouth. And like a little gentleman, lets her play with every toy he has. Not that he has much say in the matter. At the tender age of 11 weeks Biggie tried out that h---ing thing. Showing wisdom beyond his years, he waited until Mata's other end was occupied with a squeak toy, and as soon as Mata turned around to see just what he was trying to do back there, he adopted a "who me? I'm just trying to walk over your big butt!" look on his face. When she turned back to the toy, he resumed his activity. Mata played hard to get, letting him occasionally chew on the same toy at the same time, and showed her affection by sitting on him. Gently. Biggie responded by sneaking up on her later and biting her butt, or tail, or foot, trying to get her to chase him. I'm not sure what he would do if she actually deigned to chase him; all she needed to do was pretend to chase him and he would get so excited he'd do donuts around the apartment with a big grin on his face.

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