Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What kind of dog is that?

Today is the 10-day anniversary of Biggie's arrival to our home, as well as Biggie's 10-week birthday. He's slowly been meeting people (and vaccinated dogs) around our home in NYC and Vermont, and the very first question most people ask is - "What kind of dog is s/he?"

Sometimes people get a little more creative and conversational, and they will say that he looks like a:

6. "spitz"
5. "really light" golden retriever
4. samoyed
3. great pyrenees

2. fur seal

1. polar bear

He gets the polar bear comment at least once a day, though now that he's growing (and fast) he is getting lankier and less polar bear-y.

We're going to the vet later today, which is crosstown. Not sure if we will do a combination of walk/ride in the Boomobile* or try to take a crosstown cab in midafternoon traffic. The problem is Biggie gets tired and hot easily (ok, maybe he's just a little lazy, but we prefer to call it mellow), and will just lie down on the sidewalk when he has had enough. It's also a little difficult walking and keeping him from eating the cigarette butts on the sidewalk and watching for potty action while he approaches any receptive-looking person to socialize and make friends. So. We'll see what happens and what the temp is this afternoon.

One thing we're really interested in finding out is how much he weighs. It seems like every day we look at him he gets bigger. He was around 20 (?) when we got him; our guess is he's about 25 lbs. now. All I know is at 6am he feels really heavy when we're juggling keys, newspapers, bags and piddle pads while waiting for the elevator to take us downstairs.

Any guesses on his weight, given the pictures below?

Here's Biggie in his crate in the car on the day we got him, at 8-1/2 weeks:

and Biggie in the car exactly 1 week later:

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Clare said...

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Boy, Biggie EZ, on this 10 week anniversary of your birth! Your VT picture is just too handsome and I am so glad your Mom and Dad are so proud of you! Today I weighted your littermates and Brother Purple was 23.5; Bro Gold was 22.25, and little Miss Spirit was 22, so bet you are still a bit bigger than these kids. You are one imporant lad to have your very own web page, and I'm so proud of you and your NY Family!!!
Loads of Love from ALL of your Texas Family!