Thursday, July 26, 2007

VET = Very Entertaining Trip

Biggie loves the vet! He weighed in at 21.7 lbs at 10 weeks exactly. At the vet, Biggie wanted to visit with everybody, from the mini-Pin wearing a muzzle who was trembling in his owner's lap,* to the office cat, to all the people visiting the office. For the 8-avenue walk to the vet, we walked on the leash about 2 blocks and then mom got impatient and put Biggie in the shopping cart. Biggie loved that too - getting pushed around the city and watching the world go by. On the way home, Biggie did even better, walking across almost all of Manhattan at rush hour. He showed no fear among the big crowds of people or the gridlocked, honking taxis.

As usual, he was the center of attention:
What kind of dog is that?
Boy or girl?
What's his name?
How old?
How big will he get?
He looks like a little polar bear!
(repeat every 20 feet)

*Me (as Biggie walks around smelling the dog food bags): Oh, poor puppy, why is he trembling?
Mini-Pin Owner: He really hates the vet.
Me: Is he ok?
MPO: He's here for his kennel cough shot.
Me: (wtf??)
MPO (cooing): don't worry... it's ok... it won't be that bad... it's ok... don't worry... (Mini-Pin starts whimpering)
(roll eyes)

Meanwhile, Biggie sat through getting every orifice prodded and all his shots like a champ. No whimpering, whining or thrashing. When we finally left the vet's, all he wanted to do was run up the stairs and go back.

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Clare said...

Mom says: Biggie loves the vet!
And I'll bet the Vet loved Biggie! Aren't we proud he isn't a quivering min-pin!!!
You will find you can't go anywhere quickly with Biggie because he is a "crowd stopper." If you have to answer all those questions every 20 feet, that walk can take a long time. One way to cool it when he REALLY gets big is to answer the then always question, "does he bite?" with a big YES!!! That will dissolve the crowd!
You can imagine how funny it was to see his Papa walking through the snowy streets of the city in his blue booties in Feb. 2006 when he was invited to the Westminster shows. He, too, was a crowd stopper, even in the snow. That's when I learned to answer the 'does he bite' question with a big YES! That because I wanted in out of the snow!!! You will need a wardrobe of booties for Biggie when the snow season starts. Loved hearing the 'no pun intended' VET!!! Love from TX family.