Saturday, July 28, 2007

Water Bowl-o

Biggie cannot drink from a bowl of water without putting one or both front paws in it. This doesn't work very well with the metal bowls we've been using, because he has figured out that flipping the bowl is really fun. It makes a puddle of water that is more fun to drink from (and to lie in) and the rolling metal bowl makes a very entertaining noise.

We learned that it's not just bowls of water, but he loves to splash in puddles of water too. We'll have him playing water polo in no time.


Melody said...

Hi, I have Biggie's older brother and the metal pot really entertains him also. Whenever he is fed outside, he loves to roll it right into the pool!

Biggie-Z said...

Great to hear from you Melody! Biggie "skates" on the hardwood floor with his little bowl. If he had a pool I'm sure it (and he) would be in there!