Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dog Cousins

By now you have probably infurred that I had a lot of guests - 4-legged and 2-legged - at my Brrr Mont Compound. They were my Puppy Transport Team and all their dogs.

In addition to my Momma and P-Daddy, there was a lot of P-Daddy's relatives: my Gramma and Grampa, P-Daddy's Sister and Brother-in-law, and a bunch of their kids: My Puppy Transport Team! I was not always a cosmopolitan metrosexual kuvasz. I came from TEXAS. Mama Clare drove me to Tennessee where I met Tyler and his wife Emily, and then they drove me to meet Tyler's sisters Lauren and Gillian. Tyler, Lauren and Gillian are Momma's nephew and nieces, so they are sort of like human cousins but they are also hundreds of years older than me so they are also sort of like my first parents and also like aunties and uncles, except for my cousin Josh. Josh is Tyler, Lauren and Gillian's younger brother but I feel more like he is a cousin. Josh isn't around with us any more, and we miss him a million times each day because he was just like me, a big beautiful boy who liked to run and play and hug me. But that is a sad story and I don't want to talk about that now.

Anyway, the Puppy Transport Team all have dogs too, and because sometimes I am a little mixed whether to call my Puppy Transport Team auntie or uncle or cousin or mommy, it made my furry head hurt to figure out if the dogs are second cousins or great uncles or what. So I just call them all cousins. It's easier that way.

BENJI (left) AND BUDDY (right) aka The Grumpy Old Men:

Benji is the grumpiest old man. He's really only 6 but he is cranky enough to be 623! He growls at everything and barks at me all the time, even in my own house. He would just like to sit in someone's lap all day or be held. He belongs to Uncle Tim and Aunt Sue.

Buddy is Benji's dog brother and family brother. He's calmer and quieter but that is because he is a little more confident because he's a little older and was there first. Sometimes when Benji isn't there we sneak in a few seconds of playing but then Benji comes over and yells at me and it's so loud we can't really play any more.

Here is a picture of cousin Josh snuggling with Buddy and me in Brrmont in 2007. I was 10 weeks old and already I was bigger than Buddy. hehe

The Georgia Cousins belong to Tyler and Auntie Em. They rescued my Georgia cousins after they met me- Tyler and Auntie Em were the first leg of my Puppy Transport Team and I must have impressed them with my amazingness because after they handed me over they had to get not just 1 but TWO dogs to fill the void I left! (they have their own bloggy, too, but Auntie Em hasn't updated it in a while...)


Tom is the littlest of my dog cousins. They thought he was 2 when they got him but he is so calm and well-behaved that now we think he is older, like a grownup or something. I don't think I've ever heard him bark. He looks like a Ewok and here he is chewing on my knuckle bone, which is so big he can't even move it because it's bigger than his head, bol! The humans seem to really like him, but I think he's a little boring because he doesn't play or get naughty or make any noise or farts or sling drool or anything. booooring!

but ...
I saved the BEST for last ...


It's always a party when Huck is around - we wrassle like there's no tomorrow. Huck was the first Georgia cousin and he shoulda been named Tigger from Day One. I think his humans got Tom to play with him and tire him out but so far I've been the only one able to tire him out. Every waking moment, we played and played. Sometimes Auntie Em had to put Huck in his crate just so the humans wouldn't have dogs barreling around the house. Oh yeah, and Huck would try to mark MY house, especially MY Momma and P-Daddy's stuff. That really annoyed the humans!


Mango said...

You make sounds like me when you play bitey face. I liked it when you made Huck squeak. That is always very fun.

What a great reunion. So many puppies! But none so handsome as yourself.

I am only allowed to play bitey in the house if I am lying down like you were. I guess we have problems here too with bodies flying everywhere.


P.S. Momma says that Dexter's agilities teacher is a wheelie and he competes in agilities with his dog. She is hoping that if Dexter ever calms down that he could be a therapy doggie.

Amber-Mae said...

I am BACK!!! You're pretty gentle for a big guy. We make lots of those funny growling sounds too & we play ROUGH!

Saggy Gold Dancer

Kess And Her Mama said...

What a great extended family. You're right, Tom does look like an Ewok!

Chris and Mackenzie said...

Wow - what I'm awesome family you have there! I'm quite jealous!