Sunday, August 9, 2009

Biggie swims, 2009 edition

I just got back from 2 weekends in Brrr Mont where it was pretty warm but still not as hot as it is here in New Dork City, and there were 10 people and 5 dogs including me. AND my diaries cleared up JUST IN TIME for me to go back on my raw food *and* steal the little dogs' food and rawhide chews, which I used like toothpicks after my meal. I did let my dog cousins share my big knuckle bone, though only one of them was strong enough to move it.

It was great - my whole Posse was there - basically the Puppy Transport Team plus their support team. And I got to play and get barked at and petted and it was AWESOME.

The BIG NEWS - well, there was lots of big news but this is the only big news that my brain can handle tonight - is that with the help of Cousin Huck and Auntie Em (hehe, I just like saying that) I finally showed everyone once and fur all that Yes I Can Swim and Maybe I Even Like It A Little When It Is 942 Degrees Out. (I heard it was over a thousand degrees in New Dork City, so boy was I glad I wasn't there.)

So first my humans didn't take me to the Beach where it slopes in all gentle-like. Instead they took me to a more deserted area where you have to climb down some bushes and slippery rocks to get into the water. A few hundred yards away, these 4 guys were setting up their fishing stuff. Before Momma let me off the leash P-Daddy went to have a talk with them and then I charged over and showed them who was boss. It was quite a fearsome display, very loud and full of fur, but they were appropriately respectful of my authori-tay so I let them stay. There were lots of other people at the pond too, but the rest of them were pretty far away and I did not think they were much of a threat. Plus it was 942 degrees out and I was wearing a fur coat, so I decided it was ok to just keep an eye on them.

Speaking of keeping an eye on stuff, as soon as I got back from telling those fishing guys that I was in charge of the pond, look what I saw:

Huck swimming all over the place and Auntie Em and ... most dangerous of all ... Momma was already in WAY over her head!!!!! As soon as I turn my back she gets into trouble. Sheesh, Momma! That is SO NOT SAFE!!!!

I waded in as far as I could stand and cried to her to come a little closer. Good thing I've clicker-trained her well, so most of the time she comes when called, especially when she hears the urgency in my voice:

After Momma squirted me on the head, I realized it felt pretty good to get in the water.

But you know what is even scarier than when Momma gets in over her head?? When P-Daddy goes swimming. He might drown and I really had to go check on him so many times. It was really tiring work but someone has to make sure P-Daddy and the rest of my Posse don't drown.

Stay cool, everyone, and don't swim alone! I can't watch you all.

Lifeguard Biggie


Mango said...

WOW! Biggie! You look like a natural all swimming around in the water like that. I bet it felt good what with being in the hot Vermont desert and all.


Emily said...

Haha Bigz, you summed up the weekend really well! So funny. You could take this video of you swimming and tag it "Vermont Polar Bear Caught on Film!"

Emily said...

Oh and "Auntie Em" is funny too--I like it!

SEDONA said...

Pawsome job doin' the ole doggie paddle, Biggie!
You're welcome to come swim in my pool anytime :-)
Your pal,

Chris and Mackenzie said...

942! Wowzers! Good thing you made it to the water in time! It's only like 324 degree (furenheit) here in Texas.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Way to go Biggie! Why is it that we canines always have to look out for our humans...Hmmm...maybe that's why we're called watchdogs!

Lindsay said...

Biggie, you are just so cute in the water. It's a good thing your parents had you along or they probably would've gone out too far.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hey biggie, u're such a great swimmer...

can u coach me?