Friday, April 10, 2009

Biggie's first video, taken by Josh

We got these pictures from Josh's sister, Gillian (aka "Biggie's First Mommy") just a couple of weeks ago. They are from the weekend we got Biggie. As you can see, he is already mugging for the camera.

... and took to tormenting Buddy and Benji from Day 1.

... and learned quickly to be rebuffed by them.

When we got Biggie in July 2007, the entire Anderson family bonded with Biggie before we even met him. Josh's brother and sisters formed a relay to pick him up in TN from our breeder, and then they drove him up to Northern VA, where Biggie hung out for the day while we drove down from NYC to get him.

Here is Biggie's first video, taken by Josh. We like to watch it with the sound turned up.


Mango said...

Biggie! You are so tiny and fluffy in that movie. But already very strong at tugging, I see.


the 4 Bs said...

what a cute little pupster you were, Biggie.


Emily said...

I right this with teary eyes, Bigs. You brought such joy to Joshy's life! If it weren't for you, Biggie, we might not have a video of Josh's laughter.

I know you spend a lot of time guarding all the members of your "pack". And Joshy was no exception. I know you loved him very much. But now, I believe that HE is watching over YOU.

When I start to feel sad and miss Joshy, I will watch this video. It comforts me to hear Josh's happy voice and giggles as he played with you.

lots of hugs + bitey kisses,
Huck + Tom's Mama

Stanislaw said...

Hey Biggie beast man. It's so great to see you back. We've all missed you very much and hope you and your humans are hanging in there. We've been thinking about you.

Stay big, white, fluffy and endlessly optimistic. Dogs are good at that last part.

with love, Madison said...

OMG you were so tiny! hahahahaha what happened? You took some Miracle Gro, huh?

with love, Madison said...

Biggie & family ... we just followed the links and cannot believe the heartbreak that you have been through. Know that our thoughts are with you and everyone you are close to as you try to heal, reason and remember with joy. We have been there, too, and the depth of this kind of loss is unspeakable. But we go on ... we really do ...

Kess And Her Mama said...

It's lovely to be able to look back at those first precious moments!

Amber-Mae said...

My oh my Biggie, you looked so much like a Golden puppy when you were just a wee little stinker! So cute! That was a great video taken by your brudder Josh. He sounded like a very sweet boy. We're still thinking about you & your family. We hope you all are hanging in there.

Always thinking about you,
Amber & Family

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We've missed woo, Biggie. We hope yur familee iz dooing okay.

Woo wuz such a kyoote little furball!

Gus and Waldo

GSD Adventures said...

You sure you were ever that tiny?

Kasha said...

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Lindsay said...

Hey Biggie, what a sweet video. I'm so happy your mom has it as a memory of both Josh and of you as a pup. It still made me sad to watch it, though. :(

Good song, too!

Matt said...

what a cute dog. glad i stumbled upon this site said...